The temporary storage space or memory that allows fast access to data. A common use is to store information in a web browser. See Clear cache.

Clear cache

Clear cacheClear cache is used as a troubleshooting technique when having problems accessing passworded websites. Clearing the cache deletes temporary files that your browser has downloaded. When the cache is cleared, it gives you a clean slate and forces your web browser to re-download fresh versions of all t… READ MORE is used as a […]

Cookie session management

Cookie-based session management is a secure and efficient way of managing user sessions on a website. It involves the server assigning a unique number (session ID or token) to each user when they log in, which is stored in a cookie on their local computer. The server can then use this session ID to identify […]

Delete cookie

See Clear cache.


To transfer a file from another system to your own computer system. Less precisely, it may also refer to a direct transfer from a server to your local terminal over a local area network or an FTP transfer from a remote system to your system. See Upload.