Acuity ecall system

This is the emergency communication system that manages the pull cords, pendants, and fire alarms in apartments. It is a separate system from the Wi-FiWi-Fi is a family of wireless network protocols based on the IEEE 802.11 family of standards, which are commonly used for wireless networking and allow nearby devices to exchange data by […]

Enterprise network

As a retirement community resident, you may notice that the community enterprise IT network is quite different from the type of home network you had in your previous residence. An enterprise network and a home network are two very different types of networks. An enterprise network is typically much larger, more complex, and requires specialized […]

Near Field Communications

NFC is a very short-range means of communication between devices almost touching each other to enable an action. NFC is built into ID tags and credit cards, smartphones and watches and is often used to do such things as identify yourself, unlock doors, and pay for items at checkout. Your Charlestown ID tag has an […]

Smart speaker

A speaker, with or without an attached screen that accepts voice commands from you, can answer questions by voice, and much more. Examples of these are Amazon Alexa and Echo, Apple Homepods and TV (addressed as Siri), and Google Nest devices. Increasingly, the capability is being built into other devices like smart TVs. Have you […]