Last Updated on May 25, 2021

Custom Interiors

Feel free to decorate your apartment to your own taste by hanging draperies or blinds, painting, wallpapering, or putting up pictures. Be aware, however, that restoring your apartment to its original condition upon re-sale may incur additional expenses to you or your estate.
The Charlestown Custom Interiors Department can assist you with a wide variety of upgrades for your apartment. Please contact General Services , 443-29SERVE( 443-297-3783) to schedule a free consultation.

If you wish to make changes yourself or hire an outside contractor, Charlestown must approve changes to your apartment in writing. Even small changes can present long-term problems. Please contact your Facilities Coordinator to begin the approval process. Charlestown reserves the right to inspect your apartment before, during and after such improvements, and to enforce its regulations concerning alterations to your apartment.