Last Updated on February 7, 2024

Recycling Days

  • Tuesdays – Caton Ridge, Harborview, St. Charles, Herbert’s Run
  • Thursdays – Brookside, Edgewood, Parkview, Chapel Court, Courtyard Crossing, Greentree Court, Arborside, Maple Terrace, Fountain Hill, & New Carroll
  • Place all recyclable items in blue recycling bins and/or brown paper bags. Please do not put recyclable items for collection in plastic bags.
  • Leave outside your door the night before scheduled pickup or before 7:30 AM on pick-up morning.
  • If you need a recycling bin, call Charlestown Housekeeping at 410-737-8838, x8595.
  • You may request up to 2 bins.

Trash Pickup

  • Monday, Wednesday, Friday, beginning at 7:30 AM
  • Trash containers by the elevators and the lobby entrances are not designed for household trash. Please wait until a regular trash day for door side pickup.
  • Adjusted pick-up schedules will be posted if a holiday falls on a pick-up day.

What to Recycle

Here is an updated list of items that can be recycled. Please print out for your refrigerator. This information reflects what can be recycled outside your apartment on recycling days and reflects what is handled by Waste Management, the company that collects our recycling. It differs from material handling at the dining rooms which is dictated by Baltimore County rules for restaurants.

Special Recycling

Plastic Bags: Plastic bag disposal containers, are being collected in the laundry rooms.
Soft Plastic Details

Gift Wrapping Details

Batteries: Drop in battery collection box in each laundry room.
Electronics (computers/monitors/printers/cell phones, etc.): Call Housekeeping (443-297-3783, #2 Housekeeping) by Monday. Pickup is on Tuesday.
Small Appliances (Toaster Ovens, etc.): Dispose with regular trash.
Syringe Needles: Place in a Sharps Container, which can be obtained by calling Housekeeping; do not place syringe needles in the trash. Call Housekeeping to pick up a full container.
Unwanted Medications:The Residents’ Council Health Committee partners with Charlestown’s Security and Emergency Services and the Baltimore County Police Department in holding a Medicine Disposal Day of prescription/non-prescription drugs quarterly. The collection is open to both Residents and Staff.
~~Consult the BLOG ARTICLE on proper disposal of unwanted medications. Empty medicine containers without lids, are recyclable; medicine container lids are not recyclable and should be put in the trash.

Recycling Specifics

Recyclable Items

recycle clean glass

Remove all covers / caps.
Throw away small covers / caps.
Recycle large metal cover.

#1 – #7 acceptable plastic



clear plastic food container
plastic food container

All plastic bottles and containers are recyclable. You may leave the caps on or throw the caps away.

be sure to remove the label when recycling

Amazon prime bags are recyclable if you cut out the label.


Recyclable clamshells & various paper products

recyclable paper items

Light Bulbs

Many people throw away compact fluorescent (CFL) light bulbs, but they should be recycled. They use tiny microchips to conduct electrical current. These include trace amounts of heavy metals such as lead and arsenic. Place on your package shelf and call Maintenance for pick up. All other light bulbs should be put in trash.

Non-Recycling Specifics


non-recyclable paper items
compostable clamshell

NO to paper coffee/drink cups and lids

NO to paper dessert and soup cups and lids

NO to paper napkins, towels & tissues

NO to anything labelled “compostable”

Candy Wrappers are not recyclable.

Why are Candy Wrappers not recyclable?   Candy wrappers such as snickers, skittles, reeses, and other enjoyable candies are made of recyclable materials, but the problem is that these materials are mixed. These wrappers are mostly made of plastic, tin, and multiple other materials mixed together which makes them very hard, not to mention tedious, to break down.

Planters Nuts
Nut Containers: These kind of containers are not recyclable due to mixed materials that make up the container but the cover is recyclable.