Last Updated on June 19, 2022

Guidelines for Political Activity at Charlestown

(Adopted by the Residents’ Council on 1-5-2016)

All residents have a right to pursue political interests or not to be involved in political activity. Within the boundary of harmonious living in our close-knit community, the following guidelines are recommended:

  1. Residents interested in candidates for public office may gather with like-minded persons in their apartment, private dining areas or a reserved activity room on campus.
  2. Residents may announce their activity via emails with the caveat that individuals may opt out of receiving such emails.
  3. Residents may send literature about their candidate to specific interest groups in plain envelopes through campus mail.
  4. Residents may place bumper stickers on their car.
  5. Residents have the right to wear political apparel, such as caps, badges and T- shirts, in public areas.
  6. Meeting announcements (what, where and when) of political interest (not including campaign literature) may be posted on bulletin boards. (Any flyers that appear on the bulletin boards must be approved by the Community Resources Manager)
  7. No political signs or literature may be posted or distributed in public places,
  8. Residents may post political information within their personal space, including apartment doors and shelves with consideration of harmonious living.

NOTE: We do not allow any residents to solicit products or distribute political candidate literature to Residents via the cubbies or under apartment doors.

(2022 Resident Handbook, p. 21-22)