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Book Review of “Galileo and the Science Deniers”

Resident Ralph Strong’s review of Galileo and The Science Deniers by Mario Livio [New York: Simon & Schuster, 2020], is scheduled for Tuesday, August 17, 2021 at 7 PM in the Auditorium.

Who was Galileo Galilei? Why is he honored as the “father of modern science and astronomy?” Why, as a devoted Christian, was he convicted of “suspicion of heresy” by the Inquisition? How were the science deniers of the 17th century like those of the 21st century?

Author Mario Livio published this well-researched book to provide sufficient detail and sources to accurately answer these questions, while providing a readable, interesting book. The book was selected as a Best Book of the Year by The Washington Post and Science News.

The author is an astrophysicist, who was the Chief Scientist at the Space Telescope Science Institute for 24 years. The organization operates the Hubble Telescope. He has published over 400 technical papers and many bestselling books that are designed to bring science and mathematical topics to non-scientists. He is a Baltimore resident, the science advisor to the Baltimore Symphony Orchestra, a well-known lecturer, and a patron of the arts.

This book is an in-depth look at the life of Galileo Galilei, his interactions and conflicts with the Roman Catholic Church, his brilliant discoveries in science, and an analysis of political and religious denial of science during the 17th century which persists today. He was a well connected devout Catholic but came under fire when his writings supported theories that the Earth orbited the sun. This conflicted with literal interpretations of the Bible and Church teaching which in part was based on Aristotle’s philosophy that the Earth must stand still as the center of the universe. This book explores the Inquisition that found Galileo guilty of “suspicion of heresy” and how it impacted the academic community.

There are many books available that deal with Galileo’s life and the Galileo affair. Many are heavily biased as apologists for either the Church or Galileo. Some show so much detail that they are difficult to read. Mario Livio’s objective in this book is to provide enough detail so the book reveals the truth without excessive material making it difficult to read. Livio also compares the science deniers of the Church 400 years ago to those of today who use the same arguments in the attempt to discredit modern science, particularly evolutionary biology, climate change, and vaccinations.

Ralph Strong, a Charlestown resident, is a retired engineer and avid reader, especially of books related to science.

Janet Neer and Ellyn Loy, Book Review Coordinators

ELLIC Fall 2021 Registration Information

Class Registration Tutorial

What is new and very different featuring Art Chenoweth, Curriculum Chair. Presented on TV972 from August 18 – September 8, 2021.

Fall 2021 Calendar

Wed., Aug.18: ELLIC Fall 2021 Catalog online
Mon., Aug. 23: Limited paper catalogs at lobby desks
Wed., Sept. 8: Registration forms available online and in print at lobby desks
Tue., Sept. 21: First class begins

Charlestown History

Charlestown History

Residents can go to Community Videos, under the title “Retro Charlestown” to find four videos about the history of Charlestown. Pick Community Videos in My Erickson and then select “Retro Charlestown” and watch all four videos on the playlist. Highly recommended to learn more about the history of Charlestown. 

History of Charlestown by John Strumsky

John Strumsky updated and expanded the history of Charlestown for our 35th anniversary in 2018.

Continuing Care Visitation Status

Visitors are permitted on the following floors of Continuing Care without a reservation:

  • All of Caton Woods
  • Floors 1 – 4 of Wilton Overlook

All other areas require scheduling a Compassionate Care Visit. To make a visitation reservation, please visit: or call 443-297-3359.

Screening questions and temperature checks are required for all Continuing Care visitors. Visitors are required to wear a face mask at all times.

Farewell and Thank You to Our Scholars!

Scholars' Program

The past year and a half have been an extraordinary experience for all of us at Charlestown. Through it all, our staff reliably supported our needs and nourished us through to the relaxed freedoms we have today. We were blessed to have these students working in dining and other places, especially those who were with us at the start of the pandemic. Back then, the students had to switch gears, abandon the training they had received in bussing and serving to learn sorting, packaging, labeling, and delivering to apartments, among other spur-of-the-moment tasks. All with a smile under their masks, despite the threat of being in contact with someone with Covid-19.

The students have answered our needs and have served us well.  At the same time, they were dealing with virtual learning, applying to colleges, waiting to hear what the future will bring with the uncertainties of which colleges will accept them in the fall, versus the burden of finances they can afford. This month we will be saying goodbye to some of our Class of 2021 Scholars as they venture off to their respective colleges.  In some cases, not only are they leaving Charlestown, but some will be moving away from home as well.

We once again thank each of our residents who make donations to our Scholar Fund. This program is only as successful as the residents that fund it, and we have been so fortunate to have your consistent support. These scholarships help to alleviate some financial burdens that our student employees experience in the pursuit of their education, and can sometimes make the difference in them being able to earn their degrees.

Your Scholar Fund questions can be answered by our Scholar Committee members: Norma Goldberg, Roland Gray, Mel Milio, Marie Skane, Ed Delong, Jackie Graham, Eugenia High,  Mimi O’Donnell, or me, or contact Lisa Zehring in the Philanthropy Office at 410-737-8892 x8397.

Charlie Eichenlaub, Scholar Committee Chair

Charlestown Marketing & Sales Continues Reward Program

Sales & Marketing is interested in meeting full capacity of independent living units, as it benefits all of us. They have increased the regular $1,000 Resident Referral Offer to a ONE (1) month credit of a resident’s Monthly Service Package for a referral of someone who is not currently reserved, actively meeting with the sales team, or already referred by a current resident.

In order to qualify for this new referral credit, a resident must submit a referral form directly to the Sales Office. Forms submitted through December 31, 2021 will be eligible for the monthly service package credit. Referral forms are available from the Sales Office or at any front desk. Sales will also continue to offer the $50 Giant Food gift card reward when the referral joins the Priority List.

The Sales team offers in-person, virtual and home visit appointment opportunities for potential residents. Feel free to reach out to the Sales Team at 410-737-8830 or Don Grove, Director of Sales, at for questions or further details.

New Bible Study on “Reasonable Faith”

Explore the relationship between faith and reason. The first semester will focus on an in-depth exploration of Mere Christianity by C.S. Lewis. Future semesters will study Christian perspectives on important issues concerning the truth of the Christian faith today. Open to all!


Mondays | 10 – 11:30 AM | Brookside Classroom 2

Starting September 13, 2021


For more information contact Mark Buehlman. See Resident Directory, available on MyErickson for contact information.

Charlestown Computer Club Elections

Notice to Computer Club Members

Charlestown Computer Club is having elections for the Board of Directors and needs at least three (3) club members to run for the Board. We would like to have as many as seven or eight, so if you are interested in running, please contact one of the Board members below, who will have your name added to the list.

Contact Joan Burns, Ray Graves, or Barbara Grondahl. See the Resident Directory, available on MyErickson, for contact information.

Group and Club Leaders Meeting August 3

Please join Community Resources for the leadership meeting for resident group and club leaders.

Tuesday, August 3, 2021

10 AM


Leaders are invited to meet with the Community Resources team to get updates, discuss new opportunities available for groups, clubs and organizations and make plans for the 2021 Fruits of Our Labor opportunities’ fair scheduled for Friday, September 17, 2021 from 11 AM – 2:30 PM in the Erickson Conference Center in Cross Creek.

With an agenda chock-full of useful information and updates, this meeting is a must! Leaders/co-leaders who cannot attend are encouraged to send a representative in their place.

New Resident Badge Delivery

Thursday, July 29th – Sunday, August 1st 8:30am – 4:00pm
(Make-up Dates: August 2 – 6, 2021)

Security will be visiting your apartment to exchange your OLD Resident Badge with a NEW Resident Badge.

Thursday, July 29th Brookside & Herbert’s Run
Friday, July 30th Parkview, Harborview, Chapel Court, Caton Ridge
Saturday, July 31st Fountain Hill (Bldg. 1), Maple Terrace (Bldg. 2), Edgewood (Bldg. 3), Arborside (Bldg. 8), Courtyard Crossing (Bldg. 7), Greentree Court (Bldg. 9),
New Carroll (Bldgs. 4 & 5)
Sunday, August 1st St. Charles

To assist security with this exchange PLEASE have your old resident badge available when they arrive.

Thank You
For more information please contact Dining Services Administration

Charlestown badge

Evergreen Topics July 2021

Below is the list of topics I have taken the responsibility to maintain and update periodically or when timely. I submit them after first sending them to Managers to alter or add before re-submitting them to reappear in the Sunburst or our website.

1. Need Something Fixed or Repaired? Updated General Services contact instructions are found on our website with the current hours under General Services Communications. An updated posting was also in the July Sunburst, suggesting residents call the Computer Services phone for Internet issues.

2. Reoccurring Opportunities for Voicing Concerns: Found listed under the above in Campus Info>Getting Things Done and New Residents. All info is now under review, and the next posting will be whenever these types of gatherings are convened again. In the meantime, there is a stream-lined version of existing events on the website and the Council Communication Form icon on our website can be used at any time to alert the Council to a problem.

3. Resident Directory Info: Found in the Blog Section of our website by entering a subject in the “Search” block on the right side. The hard-copy Resident Directory, including the e-copy, was last published in late June with residents living in CC included under WO and CW. The alternative, My Erickson version, is self-correcting with help from the How-To-Guides under Resident Resources but is not a source for Admin updates. A revised ME Directory is being constructed.

4. Swift Reach: The latest version is found on the website on the Home page, at the bottom left, under the Alert Line info, shown in Blue and includes Swift 911. There is a red Emergency Info icon on the website Home Page that opens to include this info also. The full article, including photos, was in the March Sunburst. The next will be in September.

5.BCF: The Tin Cup was played on June 21 and raised $27,133.06. There is an ongoing raffle for Quilts until the end of July. The Charlestown Quillers raised $442 during their sale out of the Cross Creek display case in June. The Employee Tool Sale raised $815 and Corporate offices raised $816 for Return to Work Spirit week.
The Charlestown Treasure Virtual Sale on FB has specific items on sale regularly. Treasure stores are open at regularly scheduled hours. The Ladies Boutique now is offering a “Personal Shopper” service, as described under website Announcements. A limited Treasure Sale may be announced for October in the Erickson Center, but collections are still suspended as volunteers have been recently requested. Tune in Tuesday at the Town Hall for an update. Memory Walk Brick orders can be placed for the Fall Ceremony.

6. Community Resources: ME has now signed up over 1000 residents. The Annual Leadership Meeting will be in the auditorium on 8/3 at 10 am to help organize the “Fruits of Our Labors” event on 9/17. Also, Rose Sands asks Groups/Clubs to confirm their current meeting rooms and times and asks committees to continue to urge their members and others to add photos to their ME profiles. The CCI website has directions for this under “Tech Help”. Wi-Fi enhancements are continuing, and Aida has replaced Heather to oversee this project.

7. Medical Center: Stay Hydrated during the hot summer season! Masks are still required in certain settings, including the Medical Center and crowds of over 50 people. HR is encouraging, not mandating, remaining staff to get vaccinated; the staff is now over 60% vaccinated. Make a point of getting your Annual Wellness check! Volunteers are sought to help with the CC Intermissions Program activities. Check out Erickson Advantage Medicare Supplement Insurance for special Charlestown benefits. Sign up for the Care Path Program, even though you may have your own doctor off-campus, in case of emergencies.

8. Move-out Process at End of Life: Found permanently on our website in the Blog area. The article, including the need for an “Authorization for Entry to Living Unit” form, was approved by Finance and was published in the June Sunburst.

9. Housekeeping is offering specials on cleaning through September. Home Support Services resident volunteer to assist on their Home Health Advisory Council is Carol Jones, who reports what’s happening to the Health Services Committee.

Extras: Staff shortages are still affecting all departments. HR is hard at work to recruit. All-inclusive Resident Town Halls, once a month, have replaced the GS and Dining Town Halls until further notice. The next is Tues., 7/27 at 10 am. Dining is promoting the “Meet and Eat” program in Dining Rooms and will change meal delivery menu selections in August. Aida emphasized that computer issues should be referred to the IT dept., not GS. Heather Sheridan, AED, has left her position, and management is recruiting her replacement. In the meantime, Aida will oversee the Wi-Fi enhancement program. The Board of Directors will meet here next week.

Charlie Eichenlaub
Communications Committee