Strive for 5’s, Avoid 3’s, a Resident Guide for the Holleran 

Charlestown’s administration is striving for a 100% participation in the annual Holleran Resident Satisfaction Survey. The purpose is to identify areas where management excels and where improvement is needed. Our participation is vital. Clara Parker offers these tips at the September 7 Town Hall Meeting.

Residents should:

  • Rate each question on a scale of 1 (very poor) thru 5 (excellent). You also have an N/A which is Not Applicable.
  • Choose N/A if you have no personal experience with the question.
  • Try to stay away from No. 3 which is Average. Choose 1 or 2 or 4 or 5 so Management can grasp whether you like it at all or you experienced consistent poor performance on that subject.
  • Please remember that this is your impression over a twelve-month period.
  • Specific incidents that would merit a poor should be dealt with as they happen. Talk with the manager first.

Sidewalk and Entrance Closure at Patapsco Crossing Sept. 19 – 22


Tying a downspout into the storm water line will require a temporary sidewalk closure off of the south corner of Patapsco Crossing starting at 7:00am Tuesday 09/19 until approximately 7:00am on Friday 09/22 (work duration extended from Wednesday 09/20 to allow concrete for sidewalk to be poured on Thursday 09/21).  The side entry door under the bridge will be blocked during this time.

Traffic Impact


Resident Impact

Due to the sidewalk closure and subsequent closure of the side entry, pedestrians will need to use the entry door facing the loop road.  ADA entry to Building 1 will be via bridge connector during this three-day work period.

image of sidewalk closed near Wilton Outlook from 9/19 -22, 2017

“OK, we’re here . . now what?” Meet the Friendly Visitors

Relocating is always a hassle; leaving the house you’ve called home can be painful. Maybe it would be nice just to have one of your neighbors stop by and say “Hello.”? Answer a few questions, and, better yet, answer some questions they know from experience you haven’t even thought of yet?

Friendly Visitors was formed more than 10 years ago by long time and current Charlestown resident Dottie Sullivan. Her ideas and spirit remained as the group’s guiding light until turning over leadership a few years ago to current co-chairs Claire Walter and Ellie DiPietro. Their team has “captains” and 4-5 “visitors” in nearly every Charlestown residential building. Erickson marketing alerts them to new incoming resident, and a visitor is assigned to try to show up and at least say “Hello” and “Welcome”. That’s all there is time for on “move-in” day, but a follow up meeting a few days later allows the visitor to go through a prepared format of information, advice, and suggestions on just how to deal with all of the confusion of being new in the neighborhood.

And, something new is coming. Ellie DePietro has asked herself the question: “But what about a week or two later when you’re still a stranger and no one is knocking on your door?” Ellie sees a need for a new group called “Friendly Neighbors” whose members can serve as a short term temporary point of contact to a new resident who is starting to have questions about day to day living here at Charlestown.

Friendly Visitors is the very definition of a service organization. If you can empathize with the uncertainty of being a stranger in town or just plain like being a helping hand and friendly voice then this group would welcome your participation.

Contact information for Claire Walter or Ellie DiPietro is in your Residents Directory.

Claire Walter and Ellie DiPietro at Fruits of Our Labor 2017

MD Senior Citizens Hall of Fame Honors Five of Our Residents

All are invited to attend the 2017 Awards Luncheon taking place on Thursday, October 26th in Glen Burnie. Charlestown has a proud tradition of volunteerism and there have been a notable number of residents who have been award recipients in the past.

Reservations are due to Kathleen Hart by September 28th.

announcement for MD Senior Citizens Hall of Fame Awards Luncheon on 10/26/17 in Glen Burnie

Zap the Flu In Its Tracks

image of three seniors with text %22Help create a No Flu zone%22

Get your annual high-dose vaccine from the Medical Center. It’s covered by Medicare.

Saturday, September 16, 2017
8 AM – Noon
Cross Creek Card Room

Saturday, September 30, 2017
8 AM – Noon
Charlestown Square Card Room

For more information, call the Medical Center at 410-247-5602.

Sidewalk Closure Near bldg. 4-5 [Chapel lot] Begins Sept. 8


Underground utility work under the sidewalk near the west corner of Building 1 will begin on Friday 09/08, requiring this sidewalk to be closed for approximately one week.

Traffic Impact

The shuttle pickup and dropoff will be relocated to the loop road across from the RGS parking lot.  Vehicular traffic routing will not be changed, but drivers should be aware of the new shuttle location.  See attached map for reference with changes shown in yellow.

Resident Impact

Due to the sidewalk closure, pedestrians will need to use alternate routes to access Building 1.

Image of sidewalk closure bldg.1 parking lot sept 8 - 15, 2017

Beware of Text Messaging Scams

Security and Emergency Services offers suggestions from AARP on avoiding text message scams that ask for credit card and other personal information.

AARP warns of text messages seeking credit card and other personal information

Caton Woods Soffit Painting Sept. 7


A small section of the soffit on the east side of Caton Woods needs to be painted.  Because of the height of this area, a lift with a long reach will be used.  The lift will park on the loop road starting around 7:00am on Thursday 09/07.  The painting work will begin at 8:00am and is anticipated to last until approximately 10:00am that day.

Traffic Impact

The lift will block the drive lane while it is in use.  A flagger will be stationed on the road to signal the lift to move to allow traffic to pass as needed.  Cars and standard size trucks will be able to pass while the work is being done on Thursday 09/07, but busses, large trucks, and delivery vehicles will NOT be able to pass while the work is happening.  Please note that there may be a short delay while the lift is repositioned to allow regularly sized vehicles to pass by.  Map of work area attached for reference.

Resident Impact

A section of parking on the loop road will be blocked to accommodate this work.

image of restricted traffic flow around CW soffit painting

Black Swan Yacht Club

“Hey! That looks like fun!”
Join a group of your Charlestown neighbors that have found a way to socialize, get out in the sunshine and fresh air, and have some very friendly competition – all within walking distance of your apartment.

First formed in 1993, the Black Swan Yacht Club (BSYC) was named in honor of a rare stray black swan that took up residency in Lake Charles. We sail, and race, “Victoria Class” 31-inch radio controlled model sailboats on the lake. And, we have several boats on hand for you to come give it a try with us. We do this in the relatively moderate weather of May and June, and again in September and October . . . and then in January we warm things up a bit with a members’ dinner party to recognize the past year’s winners! We’d love having more members.

Come on board because “It is fun!”

John Ogaitis – Commodore, Black Swan Yacht Club table at Fruits of our Labors 2016

Yachts on Lake Charles

Club Members Watching from Dock on Lake Charles

Mondays; May, June, September, October 10:00 AM Lake Charles

Car Wash

Come Get Your Car Washed – Rescheduled to Wednesday

Come get your car washed at Corporate on Wednesday, August 30th, 2017 between noon and 4:00 PM. All donations accepted and benefit Charlestown Benevolent Care.

Please spread the word to your teams too!! More cars, more suds, more bucks for BCF!

Car Wash to Benefit Benevolent Care Fund, August 29, 2017