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Meet the Members of Maryland’s District 12 Legislative Delegation – Your Representatives

Meet Your Representatives!

State Senator Clarence Lam
Delegate Eric Ebersole
Delegate Jessica Feldmark
Delegate Terri Hill

TOPIC:  Major issues facing the 2021 Session of the Maryland General Assembly: Implications for residents of Charlestown!

 WHEN:  Thursday, December 10, 2020, at 7:00 pm

Sponsored by Residents’ Council Legislative/Political Committee

Call Pat Payne, Chair, for an invitation to attend
(See Residents’ Directory for Contact Information)

Pendant and Pull Cord Maintenance


Acuity System Update

Tuesday, November 24, 2020

6 - 7 AM


During this time, all pendants and pull cords will be out of service.

In case of emergency, contact Security at 410-737-8806.

Multiracial Awareness Discussion Group Meets on Zoom January 15

Photo Credit: Fibonucci Blue

Everyone interested in racial justice is invited to attend the January meeting, which replaces the meeting originally planned for December.

Multiracial Awareness Discussion Group
Friday, January 15, 2021
10 AM on Zoom
Topic: A Study of Reparations

Discussion will be based on the Black Lives Movement [M4BL] policy statement on reparations.

Reserve and receive zoom link through Gil Fisher.
Email and phone: Resident Directory MyErickson.

Loop Road Closed near Our Lady of the Angels Chapel from 11/16 – 11/18

traffic construction image


Work on Loop Road and adjacent areas near the Chapel, Carriage House, and Fountain Hill parking lot is anticipated to last through mid-November.  As a result of this work, Loop Road, between the Carriage House and Chapel will be closed on Monday, Nov. 16 – Wednesday, Nov. 18, 2020.

Traffic Impact

Preparatory work in this area has already begun.  Flaggers will be positioned to direct traffic as needed but the loop road will remain open during this work.

On Monday, 11/16, Loop Road between the Carriage House and Chapel will be closed to traffic in this work area.  Vehicles going to all buildings on campus (except the Chapel or Carriage House) including Caton Woods, Patapsco Crossing, RG North, and Wilton Overlook should turn right at the main entry gate and take the outer loop road around campus.  To exit campus, vehicles will need to utilize the inner loop around campus.  This portion of the loop road will be reopened at the end of the day on Wednesday, 11/18.

As needed, flaggers will be positioned to direct traffic during the installation of curbs, sidewalks, and while paving operations are underway which is anticipated to be in early November.  One lane of the Loop Road will remain open during this work and flaggers will direct two-way traffic.

Resident & Employee Impact

Sidewalks near this work area on either side of the road will be closed between the Carriage House and Chapel.  Pedestrians are kindly asked to abide by any closure signage and find alternate routes.  Pedestrians and drivers are asked to please follow directions from flaggers while this work is underway.


~Nathan Blumberg, Associate Executive Director, Administration~

Meeting Spaces

Most Commonly Used Meeting SpacesMaximum Capacity
Charlestown Square Creative Arts Studio 8
Charlestown Square Lobby & Cafe10
Charlestown Square Gallery 10
City Lights 6
Fireside Lounge (Back) 10
Fireside Lounge (Front) 10
Atrium Lounge (Front) 4
Black Swan Pub Lounge 8
Fountain Hill TV Rooom 8
Maple Terrace Creative Arts Studio 7
Charlestown Film Library 3
Ruth Houck Library 4
Shuffleboard Room 6
HR Ping Pong Room 4
Fountain Hill Cafe 8
Auditorium 25
Terrace Cafe Lounge 4
OLOA Chapel 25

Group Leader/Facilitator Responsibilities

  1. Ensuring that all members in attendance wear a mask and maintain appropriate social distancing (6 feet of separation at all times) 
  2. If a resident participates in card games, board games, or puzzles – it is done so at their own risk, knowing the suggested guidelines are 6 feet of separation and a mask is always required.
  3. Using the standard room set up ensuring social distancing. If you move any furniture you must return the furniture back to its original set-up.  Floor plan signage will be posted in the meeting space for your reference.
  4. Reserving meeting spaces through Community Resources. If you do not have a confirmation e-mail or document, the room has not been reserved.
  5. Complying with the posted room capacity. If your group exceeds that capacity, it is the responsibility of the leader to ensure the group’s compliance. If a situation occurs in which you are not able to comply with capacity, as the group leader, you may end and dismiss the group immediately.
  6. Encouraging all members of the group to comply with all hand sanitizing, hand hygiene requirements by using hand sanitizing stations that will be affixed in each meeting space conveniently located for residents to use upon entering and exiting the room.
  7. Sanitizing the meeting space at the conclusion of your meeting. Each meeting space will be supplied with sanitizing wipes.   After your meeting, it is your group’s responsibility to sanitize any surfaces that have been touched (i.e. tables, chairs, equipment, dry erase markers, etc.) at the end of each meeting.  Groups meeting during Phase 2 are expected to leave 10 minutes at the end of their meeting to sanitize the space.
  8. Ensuring that no food or drink is brought in to the meeting space.
  9. Complying with the no congregating guidelines in place both inside and outside of the room before and after your meeting.
  10. Audio Visual support or equipment (microphones, TV, laptops) is available on a case by case basis. You must contact Channel 972 to plan in advance.

If you have any questions or need additional support from Community Resources, please reach out to one of the team members:

  • Olivia Lippy, Coordinator at 410-737-8838, ext. 601-8570 /
  • Rose Sands, Coordinator at 410-737-8838, ext. 601-8172 /
  • Mary Evans, Manager at 410-737-8838, ext. 601-8558 /

Charles B. Frank Memorialized by Post Chapter 219

Charles B. Frank (July 1, 1915 – November 2, 1995)

Charles B. Frank was a farm boy from Mount Joy, PA. After high school, he attended the University of Pennsylvania Veterinary School graduating in 1938.

After induction and orientation in 1941, LT Frank traveled to the Philippines and was assigned as the Veterinary Officer to Battery A, 23rd Field Artillery, a Philippine Scout unit. Following the Fall of Bataan, he became a POW and transferred first to Camp O’Donnell and then to Cabanatuan. In October 1942, LT Frank was one of 1000 prisoners transferred to Davao Penal Colony where he remained until June 1944. Upon return to Luzon, he was designated for further transfer to a homeland camp and departed on December 13, 1944, aboard the ill-fated Oryoku Maru.

Having survived the disastrous crossing, he arrived at Moji on January 30th and after a period of recovery was transferred to Jinsen Camp in Korea. He was liberated on September 7, 1945, and repatriated through Manila to Woodrow Wilson Hospital in Staunton, Virginia.

Now a Captain, Charles married Rebecca J. Gilbert, a former Army nurse in January 1947. They had 3 children; Charles G., Jon, and Mary Ann.

Col. Charles B. Frank stayed in the Army following the war. He retired in 1967 as Chief Veterinarian, 1st U.S. Army, Fort George G. Meade, MD. He was a lifetime member of AXPOW.

Col. Frank is memorialized by VFW Perpetual Post Chapter 219 named in his honor. Both Charles B. Frank and Rebecca J. Frank are buried in Arlington National Cemetery.