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Apartment Home Delivery of Mail

Over the next 2 weeks Charlestown’s concierge team will provide apartment home delivery of mail twice a week for all residents. In our ongoing efforts to prevent the spread of the COVID19, we ask that you not come to the lobby for incoming or outgoing mail of any kind.


Standard mail, as well as cubby mail, will be delivered in a bag that is hung on your door handle. For everyone’s protection, the mail bags cannot be reused for mail delivery. Starting Friday, April 3, 2020, mail will be delivered to each resident’s door according to the following schedule:


Resident Apartment Location Mail Days
Fountail Hill (1), Maple Terrace (2), New Carroll (4 & 5),
Courtyard Crossing (7), Arborside (8),
Greentree Court (9) & Edgewood
Friday & Tuesday
Chapel Court, Parkview, Harborview,
Caton Ridge & St. Charles
Saturday & Wednesday
Brookside & Herbert’s Run Monday & Thursday



The concierge team will continue to deliver all packages and over-sized envelopes, including prescriptions and perishables, to your door within 24 hours of receiving them.


Early in the week of April 6, 2020, a green bag will be delivered to each resident for use for outgoing mail, including stamped and campus mail (such as monthly payments directed to the Finance Office.) Hang bag with outgoing mail by 11 AM, on your designated mail day (see above.) Keep green bag to reuse it for future outgoing mail.

Stamped mail will be given to the U.S. Postal Service. Make sure to affix proper postage. Stamps can be ordered and purchased from the campus store by calling the front desk.

Concierge Services


Resident Apartment Location Concierge Contact
Herbert’s Run & Brookside (601-8593) Cross Creek Front Desk
Chapel Court, Parkview, Harborview 9601-8100) Charlestown Square Front Desk & Caton Ridge
St. Charles (601-8755) St. Charles Front Desk
Fountain Hill (1), Maple Terrace (2), New Carroll (4 & 5) (601-8320) Fountain Hill (1) Front Desk
Courtyard Crossing (7), Arborside (8), Front Desk Green Tree Court (9) & Edgewood (601-8355) Lobby 7 Front Desk

Call the front desk between 8:00 AM and 8:00 PM. to have items delivered within 48 hours.

Essential Items Available via Concierge

These are complimentary during the COVID-19 situation to tide you over until your groceries have been ordered and delivered.

Bar of soap
Toothpaste (travel size)
Tissues (travel pack)
Toilet Paper (single roll)
Laundry Pod
Dishwasher Pod
Instant Regular Coffee (Single Serve)
Instant Decaf Coffee (Single Serve)
Regular Tea Bag
Decaf Tea Bag
Distilled Water (Gallon)
Peanut Butter (individual serving)
Crackers (individual serving)

List of Charlestown Grocery Store Items Available for Purchase and Delivery

Delivery will be within a 48-hour timeframe. The items are subject to change based on availability. The cost of these items will be charged to your monthly bill. Please reach out to your Concierge at your front desk to place your order.


Confirming Connectivity of Medical Center iPad with Resident Electronic Device

If the resident has an iPad or iPhone, use the Medical Center iPad to do the following

– Tap the FaceTime app to launch it.
– Tap the blue “+” icon at the top of the screen.
– Type in the email address or phone number of the person you wish to reach.
– Tap the “Video” button to send the call
– If the call goes through, you are ready for the telehealth visit

If your computer supports FaceTime, you can use it as well. 

Missing Facetime on your Apple device – Check these instructions
If the resident has an Android phone (Samsung, Galaxy, Motorola, Pixel, etc.), some of these phones have the app Google Duo already installed on the phone.

– Tap the Google Duo app to launch it
– Click Search contacts or dial
– Type the phone number in the search bar
– Click the icon with the correct phone number
– Pick Video Call

If the call goes through, you are ready for the telehealth visit.

The resident might be asked to Allow Google Duo to access their camera and to access their microphone. They need to grant this permission.

If this is the first time accessing Google Duo, it will be slightly different (extra steps underlined)

  • Tap the Google Duo App
  • Click the x in the upper left corner to close the video
  • Click Search contacts or dial
  • Add phone number in the search bar
  • Click the icon with the correct phone number
  • Pick Video Call
  • It will warn you that Knock Knock (Video Preview function) is on, click “Got it”
  • If the call goes through, you are ready for the telehealth visit

If the resident’s phone does not have the Google Duo app installed, you will get a notification to invite them to download the app from the store.

Go to Google Play Store (search Play Store in the search bar or in the apps) and search for Google Duo (Blue icon with a video camera inside)

– Install the app
– Once downloaded, click open
– It will ask you to allow Duo to access your contacts – click allow or deny
– Allow Duo to take pictures and record video – click allow
-Allow Duo to record audio – click allow

If you’ve never logged in to the app before, read over the Terms of Service and Privacy Policy before clicking the “I agree” button.

– Grant Google Duo access to your contacts so that you can begin calling people.
– Confirm your phone number so that people can find you.
– Type in the confirmation code that Google Duo sent you over SMS.
– Grant the app permission to take pictures and record audio and videos.
– You will be met with a welcome screen with the camera pointed at your shining face.
– Duo will tell you how many of your current contacts you can reach through the app.
-To video chat with just one contact at a time, type their name in the search field, or scroll downwards to make a selection.

AARP Fraud Alert Keeps Us Informed About Coronavirus Scams

AARP periodically issues fraud and scam alerts on its website. These scams come mostly through email, phone and web and can sound very convincing. Range of schemes are wide, including such things as Medicare, Social Security, credit card, cruises, IRS, tax preparation, and debt collection. The current focus is on coronavirus-related fraud.

Bookmark the fraud and scam alerts so that you can easily check the website when you get a suspicious email or phone call or you can sign up to have the alerts send directly to you through your email account. There is also a helpline phone number to call: 877-908-3360.

List of Things to Do

by Ann MacKay

Many of the work from home tips will work for us.
Austin Kleon has a list of 10 tips from his book.


Here is my personal list:

– Read the books you have been meaning to read for months
– Purge your closet
– Try puzzles (the Cross Creek library has cabinets full of puzzles)
– Declutter room by room
– Listen to podcasts on your computer, tablet or smartphone

– Follow along on 972 Exercise programs.
– Connect with family and friends using phone, video conference, email, text and old fashioned letter writing
– Learn something new using online classes

– Listen to TED Talks
– Play with your food delivery – make new recipes with the ingredients that are delivered to your door.

Show Your Concern by Placing a Flag on Your Shelves

Place an American flag on your shelf to demonstrate our concern for the Charlestown community (residents and staff), our family, friends, and the coronavirus (COVID-19) victims and also represent our fervent desire for our country to overcome the devastating effects of the spiraling spread of this disease.”

A symbol to express our connection with others is vital in this time of “social distancing.”

Note: Residents are responsible for providing their own flags if interested in participating in this voluntary resident-initiated activity.

Thank you,
Eugenia High, Chair, Grounds Committee, Residents’ Council

Clubs and Groups Communicating During Coronavirus

We are collecting a list of the groups and clubs who are meeting by Zoom or other technologies during this time of self-quarantine.

Journal Club
Photography Interest Group (PHIG)
United Methodists
Virtual Friday Happy Hour Group

Please let us know if your group is meeting virtually.

Instructions for Learning Zoom

There are lots of Youtube tutorials at I have picked a couple to get started.

Zoom 101 Sign Up & Download Meeting Client
How to join a Zoom Meeting Video if you get an invitation.