Last Updated on January 10, 2021

Board of Directors

An independent board of directors governs Charlestown on behalf of the best interests of the residents.

See link to the Current Charlestown Board of Directors

See My Erickson Resident Resources section for link to the Charlestown Organization Chart.

Current Membership, as of 01-12-2021
Richard A. Grove, Jr., Chairman
Rev. Dr. David S. Cooney, Vice Chairman
Richard M. Barnes
Fr. Phillip Brown
Charles H. Brown, III
Rev. Dr. David S. Cooney
Katie Eckert
Joanne Martin
James Mauser
Naomi J. McAfee
Laura Ostroff
Pat Kasuda
Bonnie Phipps
Joanne E. Pollak
Michael Stafford
Charles I. Denton, Honorary Resident Director
Stanley W. Elwell, Honorary Director
Karline K. Tierney, Honorary Resident Director

See link to the article by Charlie Eichenlaub about the Charlestown Board of Directors

Here is a link to the Understanding the Charlestown Board of Directors – one of the Charlestown 101 ELLIC classes. It was presented by Charles Denton and Naomi McAfee in February 2020.