Last Updated on October 13, 2022

Bert Clegern, our late resident biologist,  prepared a 22-page document in 2017 on the natural history of Charlestown, the background on the development, and the outdoor and indoor environment on our 110-acre campus.The Appendices are listed as separate documents to allow updating as necessary.

Rick Jones, Paul Canner, and Ed Huestis have updated Appendix 4 Birds of Charlestown as of September 2022.

Full text is followed by the appendices. 

Appendix 1 – The Benefits of Trees

Appendix 2 – Trees of Charlestown

Appendix 3 – Mammals of Charlestown

Appendix 4 – Birds of Charlestown

updated September 2022

Video from Meditative Moments: Birds and Wildlife at Charlestown