Last Updated on October 7, 2021


Video Library

Main Street in Maple Terrace
Phone: 443-297-3117
Monday – Friday
11 am – 1 pm
Rental limit: 4 videos at a time per household

The library maintains a collection of DVDs [movies and TV series] to check out. The library has many viewing lists organized by such topics as award-winners and genre.  They also have small collections of children’s and foreign films. There is a notebook in the Film Library of movies shown in the Auditorium. Ask the volunteers for suggestions, as they are knowledgeable and can offer great choices that meet your viewing interests. Check The Sunburst for articles that highlight various holdings in their collection.

Night at the Movies** – 

Saturday, 7 – 9 p.m. – Auditorium

For additional film reviews see:  MRQE, IMDB, Rotten Tomatoes

Continental Cinema** (Foreign Films)
2nd Friday of each month, 7 – 9 p.m. – Auditorium

Movies Shown at Charlestown – October 2021


Saturday, Oct. 2 Nomadland (2020, R, 1 hr, 47 min)
Actress, Director & Film Oscars. Frances McDormond travels the USA with “houseless” folks.
Friday, Oct. 8 Continental Cinema
La Vie en Rose (2007, PG13, 2 hr, 20 min)
Foreign film -Oscar winner Marion Cotillard morphs into Edith Piaf, a great French singer, before your eyes. An astonishing performance.
Saturday, Oct. 9 French Exit (2020, R, 1 hr. 53 min)
Michelle Pfeiffer portrays a wealthy, NY socialite, running out of money who moves to Paris with her son and cat. Funny
Saturday, Oct. 16 Julie & Julia (2009 PG13, 2 hr 3 min)
On this “National Food Day”, Meryl Streep as Julia Child alongside Amy Adams in an exploration of food.
Saturday, Oct 23 Motherless Brooklyn (2019, R, 2 hr 24 min)
Columbia,MD native Edward Norton stars alongside Alec Baldwin & Bruce Willis in a ‘Neo Noir’, which he wrote and directed.
Saturday, Oct. 30 Young Frankenstein (1974, PG, 1 hr 46 min.
Chills, thrills & laughs on Halloween. Mel Brooks wrote this, one of the all-time greatest spoofs. ENJOY!

Movies Shown at Charlestown September 2021


Sat., Sept. 4 Labor Day (2013), 111 min.
An aptly named romcom with Kate Winslett and Josh Brolin
Friday, Sept. 10 Continental Cinema
A Very Long Engagement (2004), R Rated, 133 min.
A French woman searches for her fiance missing from the trenches of WWI.
Sat., Sept. 11 The Gentleman (2019), 113 min.
A comedy with many twists, starring Matthew McConaughey.
Sat., Sept. 18 The Father (2020), 1 hr. 37 min.
Anthony Hopkins plays an aging man who is becoming confused. Very relevant to us.
Sat., Sept. 25 Senior Moment (2021), 1 hr. 32 min.
A retired test pilot loses his driver’s license due to drag racing, but then finds love and a new life. Starring William Shatner.

Movies Shown at Charlestown – August 2021


Sat, August 7 Stars and Stripes Forever (1952), 90 min. Unrated
A patriotic tribute to VJ-Day..
Friday, August 13 Continental Cinema, Roma (2018), 135 min. R Rated
Oscar winner about different class life in Mexico City.
Sat, August 14 The Little Things (2020), 128 min. R rated.
A detective story with Denzel and two other Oscar-winning actors
Sat, August 21 Some Kind of Heaven (2021), 81 min. Documentary
For National Seniors’ Day, a peek at life in a different senior community.
Sat, August 28 The Mauritanian (2021), 129 min. R rated.
Jodie Foster deals with a prisoner at Guantanamo Bay.