Residents" Council 2016 - 2017

Sitting: (left to right): Becky McNamara, Parliamentarian, Leigh Anne Cooper, Treasurer, David Douds, President, Steve Harders, Vice President, Ed Piechowiak, Secretary, Ann MacKay, Past President
Standing middle row:Ed Serp, Ken Jarboe, Mary Jo Warthen, Carolyn Thompson, Diane Lyons, Dee Schmitt. Louise Dempsey, Charlotte Chambers (resigned).
Standing back row: Sherry Stewart, Jack Murnane, Ted Dürr, Jackie Graham, Gil Fisher, Jean Eichenlaub, Veronica Coleman, Bob Hutchins, Al Davies.  Not Pictured, Wendel Thompson
Photo Credit: Jim Thompson

Charlestown Mission Statement

We share our gifts to create a community that celebrates life.


All residents of Charlestown are members of the Charlestown Residents Association.


The purpose of the Association is:

  • To promote the health, comfort and safety of the residents of Charlestown
  • To enhance participation of the residents in daily activities of the community
  • To encourage mutual efforts between residents and management, to improve welfare and services, and to control expenses
  • To foster communications between the residents and management
  • To monitor legislation concerning the welfare of retirement communities
  • To maintain a cordial relationship with the Board of Directors of Charlestown Community, Inc.

Additional Information

Twenty-one members of the Residents’ Association are elected by the Association to serve as the Residents’ Council for a term of three years. The Residents’ Council administers the affairs of the Council and the Association.

The Residents’ Council carries out its responsibilities through fifteen standing committees, each chaired by a member of the Council, aided by a cadre of residents with interests and skills appropriate to that committee’s responsibilities. The President and the Vice President of the Council meet regularly with the Executive Director and his/her assistant to ensure open channels of communication between the Council and Management.

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