Last Updated on August 1, 2021

Charlestown Phone System

To connect with a member of the staff, we encourage you to use our automated system by dialing 410-737-8838 and entering the appropriate extension (listed below).  Remember to enter the number sign after entering the extension, or the call will not go through. (ex: 410-737-8838, ext. 000-0000#.)  If you do not see the extension you are searching for, dialing 410-247-3400 will connect you to the Front Desk Operator.

Frequently Called Phone Numbers

Also see the Hours of Operation Page

Emergency/Security 410-737-8806 or ext 601-8806
Alert Notification Line 410-314-7944
Gatehouse 410-737-8838 ext. 601-8378
Finance Department
Resident Billing Questions
On Campus Stores  
Market Place 410-737-8838 ext.601-8883
Dining Rooms  
Atrium Dining Room 410-737-8838 ext.601-8752
Chesapeake Dining Room 410-737-8838 ext.601-8521
Fireside Dining Room 410-737-8838 ext.601-8329
Shortline Cafe 410-737-8838 ext.601-8531
Terrace Cafe 410-737-8838 ext.601-8882
Front Desks  
Fountain Hill (Bldg. l) 410-737-8838 ext.601-8320
Charlestown Square 410-737-8838 ext.601-8100
Cross Creek Station 410-737-8838 ext.601-8593
Courtyard Crossing (bldg. 7) 410-737-8838 ext.601-8355
St.Charles 410-737-8838 ext.601-8755
Caton Woods 410-737-8838 ext.601-8573
Wilton Overlook Front Desk 410-737-8838 ext. 601-3664
General Services  
Maintenance, Grounds, Painting 443-297-3783
Housekeeping 443-297-3783
Reserved Parking 443-297-3783
Facilities Coordinator (ST, CR, HV, PV) 410-737-8838 ext. 601-8560
Facilities Coordinator (CC,1-9, EW) 410-737-8838 ext. 601-8437
Facilities Coordinator (HR, BR) 410-737-8838 ext. 601-8345
Facilities Coordinator (Continuing Care) 410-737-8838 ext. 601-8924
Move-out Coordinator 410-737-8838 ext. 601-8375
Shuttle Service 410-737-8838 ext. 601-8448
Health Services/ Fitness Center
Medical Center 410-247-5602 or Ext. 601- 8590
Home Support 410-737-8838 ext. 601-8801
Medicare Certified Home Health 410-737-8825
Fitness Center 410-737-8838 ext.601-8730
CVS Pharmacy 410-737-8820
Computer/Technology Support  
Resident Internet Service 1-800-677-0211
Problems with MyErickson (set-up, passwords) – call Community Resources 410-737-8838, ext. 8558, ext. 8172
Cable Television Services
Comcast 1-855-638-2855
Resident Telephone & Computer Help Line 1-800-677-0211
PNC Bank, Cross Creek 410-242-1332
Outside Charlestown
County Cab 410-788-8000
Senior Ride 410-887-2080
Giant Food Store (Wilkins Plaza) 410-242-6681 (for grocery deliveries by Giant)  
Weis Food Store (Maiden Choice Lane) 410-247-7842
St Agnes Hospital 410-368-6000
Always Looking Sharp Cleaners (ALS) 410-655-3312
Social Security Administration 1-800-772-1213