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Volunteer Opportunities Here at Charlestown

Hospice Volunteer Training Offered on December 4

Calling anyone ready to become a volunteer here on campus supporting those residents who are utilizing hospice services. We have a unique opportunity and have scheduled a training here on campus!

Gilchrist Hospice Volunteer Training
December 4, 2019
9 AM – 4:30 PM
Brookside Classroom #1
Lunch provided
RSVP required

RSVP to Kimberlee Kahl either by email or phone: 443.849.8337.  Applications need to be completed before the training. Obtain an application from Stephanie Knowles in the volunteer office on Main Street, Maple Terrace (Bldg. 2). Contact her at: 410-737-8838 x 8133 or

There is a great need, the more help we can offer the better, so pass the word around to others you think may be interested.  Thanks for all you do and hope to see you at the training!

Volunteers Needed: September, 2019

Come discover the wonderful world of service! Help others while also finding your passion or learning a new skill. We are currently in need of volunteers for the following programs:

Film Library – Various positions
Archives – Receptionist, volunteers with computer skills
Treasure Sale – Women’s clothing management in sorting room
ELLIC – Communications assistant and teachers
Wheel Chair Assistance – Sunday AM services
Musical Performers – For Assisted Living

Contact: Stephanie Knowles, Volunteer Program Coordinator, Volunteer Program Office (Bldg. 2, Main Street)

Important tips for becoming a Volunteer Superhero

Choose something that’s a good fit for you

Think about what matters to you, and be selective about where you spend your time. Choosing opportunities that make you feel good while helping other, builds stronger communities, and enriches your own life at the same time.

Learn something new

Volunteering can also teach you valuable new skills that you can use in other parts of your life. Push yourself creatively. Find something you enjoy doing and enhance your skills

Don’t over-commit your schedule

Remember all the other commitments you have in your life, and don’t burn yourself out. Stick to a volunteering schedule that makes sense for you and leaves you time to enjoy the activity.

Volunteering as a group

Group volunteering is a wonderful way to bond with your family, friends or neighbors. Not only will you create lasting memories, but you will help someone in need. The Activities Staff in our Assisted Living and Continuing Care centers can help choose a date and time for an interested group to lead an activity or entertain residents.

Create your very own volunteer activity

If you feel strongly about being a volunteer but don’t see anything on our lists of available volunteer activities, consider CUSTOMIZING YOUR OWN. Think of the skills you have to offer, your former career, the activities that YOU are passionate about. We can help you share your talent, knowledge or skills with other residents – teach a class, demonstrate a talent, give a presentation by creating a “customized” project or program.

Call the Volunteer Program Office: (410) 737-8838, Ext. 601-8133      

Did you know… more than 1/3 of our resident population is involved in volunteering?

They actually live the Charlestown motto: “Sharing our gifts to create a community that celebrates life!” Our Volunteer Program provides a variety of volunteer activities to fit your needs and lifestyle.

Would you like to share your time, talents or skills with fellow residents?

Whether you can spare a few hours a week or a few hours a month, we have many on- campus volunteer opportunities and flexible hours available in both Independent Living and Continuing Care.

Ready to begin?

Don’t forget to register with the Volunteer Program Office. This helps us keep our records current. Contact the Volunteer Program Coordinator to find out how to register:

Stephanie Knowles, Volunteer Program Coordinator Volunteer Program Office (Bldg. 2, Main Street)

Volunteer Opportunities in our Continuing Care Facility

Volunteer opportunities in Continuing Care are open to Charlestown residents AND members of the surrounding communities, and require orientation and special training, which can be completed right here on campus. For more details on Continuing Care volunteer opportunities, contact the Volunteer Program Coordinator.


Run an afternoon or evening Bingo game or assist with various aspects of the game such as number calling, assisting residents to identify numbers, etc.


Feel like trying your luck at cards? Poker, bridge, 500, pinochle? Residents love playing cards. Fish is not out of the question either!


These volunteers get together to provide assistance (i.e. set up / break down of materials, meeting assistance) to the residents at Continuing Care during the weekly ceramic group meeting. Our residents look forward to painting many different pieces. Resident volunteers only.


Do you have a special arts and crafts talent? Share your talent with a fellow resident, either one-on-one or in a group setting.


Once a week or twice a month, join a resident at lunch or dinner for friendly companionship and conversation. Other duties may include escorting residents to and from dining rooms, providing assistance and support residents in creating a pleasing environment, assisting residents in opening their beverage cartons or serving their coffee or tea and encouraging residents to eat and provide conversation during meals.


Do you have a unique talent, such as singing, dancing, storytelling or playing a musical instrument? Share your gifts. Also, a great opportunity to enhance the dining experience during mealtime!


Keep residents active by leading an exercise group. Exercise is a great way to increase function. Yoga leaders are always welcome!


Chess anyone? Do you have a favorite board game, play cards or checkers? Are you looking for a partner or partners to join you? Why not join a resident after dinner?


Assist the Programming staff with sorting and delivering the afternoon mail directly to the residents’ rooms in Continuing Care. A quick and easy way to meet residents!


To help provide assistance with the men’s club so that male residents will have an opportunity to join together to participate in special selected activities.


If you want to share the love you have for your pet and let them share their love with others, considering bringing your pet over for a visit. Pet visits can be arranged to fit your schedule. The pet should have a calm and patient temperament and a clean appearance. Pet guidelines must be met to include a pet screening which must be accompanied with certification from the pet’s veterinarian.


Assist the Programming Staff with running a scheduled activity for a group of residents. Examples of activities include: bible study, word games, trivia, bingo, exercise, memory games, & much more!


Spend some time reading one-on-one or in a group setting with a resident who is visually impaired. Residents love listening to current events, bible stories, traveling, poetry, etc.


Do you enjoy singing? Why not facilitate a group sing-a-long to your favorite songs or join our group of singers.  Residents love to sing-a- long, especially to the songs of their generation. No need to have a good singing voice; just a desire to make some joyful noise!


Volunteers establish one-to-one relationships with residents providing companionship, support, listening, and a way of touching someone just by being present at least once a week. Establishing a rapport with a resident who just needs a little attention benefits both parties.


Enjoy spending time interacting with staff and residents in our assisted living facility by making peanut butter and jelly sandwiches for individuals in need. Sandwiches are delivered to “Our Daily Bread” in Baltimore, an organization which serves the hungry and needy in Maryland.


Neighbors visiting neighbors in Continuing Care (assisted living). This group falls under the Our Lady of the Angels Catholic Community. Resident volunteers only.


Give the gift of mobility by assisting the Program Department in transporting wheelchair-bound residents to and from religious services, beauty salon, and entertainment events. The greatest need is on Wednesdays in the afternoon, Friday afternoon, Saturdays and Sundays. Wheelchair training required.

Volunteer opportunities in Independent Living

With over 300 Groups and Clubs on the Charlestown campus, there may be some volunteer service opportunities in Independent Living that are not be listed here. Please check our other service group opportunities found in the Community Resources Handbook.


This volunteer team of anonymous resident “Angels” work together to put a smile on a fellow resident’s face on his or her birthday. Angels volunteer for various responsibilities and are designated by building throughout the community. Resident volunteers only.


This group of volunteers goes to the Lansdowne Elementary School in Lansdowne. Transportation is provided. Residents volunteers only.


Individuals on this committee are responsible for posting the flyers on the various community bulletin boards. Residents volunteers only.


To assist various department staff with clerical duties (assembling, filing, typing, data entry, etc.).


The Channel 972 staff is looking for residents to help create, film and edit television shows, as well as to provide voice over work.

Opportunities include: electric bulletin board, camera technician, production assistant, program host / hostess.


The Channel 972 staff is looking for residents to help create, film and edit television shows, as well as to provide voice over work.

Opportunities include: electric bulletin board, camera technician, production assistant, program host / hostess.


These individuals perform a wide range of duties involved with our Auditorium and entertainment events including being greeters, ushers, ticket takers and providing support in the light and sound booth.


This group is organized to introduce and familiarize new residents to the Charlestown Dining experience through their own “neighborhood” dining areas. Resident volunteers only.


This group is comprised of Charlestown residents who welcome new residents into the community. The friendly visitor greets new residents within a few days of their moving in and often dines with them. The new resident is given a booklet that contains quick reference information – such as clubs and organizations and the hours of operation of the restaurants. The friendly visitor can also provide support to a resident who may need some extra help in adjusting to community living. Resident volunteers only.


Volunteer to visit fellow residents who are recovering from an illness or surgery and need short term support (i.e. delivering meals, picking up mail, encouragement, etc.) . Residents only.


Volunteer opportunities exist in the Intermissions Program, a program designed to meet the needs of those residents who may have difficulty in the larger community, memory problems, cognitive impairment, Alzheimer’s Disease or other forms of dementia. As a volunteer you will have the opportunity to become a ‘best friend’ to a group member, engage in meaningful activities and share your talents with others. Whether your talent is woodwork, painting, arts & crafts, music or just listening, this opportunity is enriching to you and to those whose lives you’ll touch.


Volunteers serve as librarian for the community library and film library. Responsibilities include greeting patrons, checking in / out books, videos and dvd’s etc. Resident volunteers only.


This group seeks to preserve and enhance the natural beauty of our nature trail by eliminating vines and weeds and replacing native wildflower plants as needed. Members also continue to maintain the Butterfly Garden for the enjoyment of the community. If you like to do a little manual labor, enjoy the outdoors and getting your hands dirty, this job is for you!


Become part of a group of residents welcoming home our troops at BWI. This is a heart-warming and patriotic experience! Resident volunteers only.


Enjoy preparing meals? Once a month, resident volunteers prepare casseroles or provide “wish” items to individuals in the Baltimore Community in need of a meal. Meals are picked up by Our Daily Bread volunteers. Resident volunteers only.


Volunteers assist in various duties for the Catholic and Protestant Communities. Opportunities include clerical / receptionist functions, wheelchair escorting at Continuing Care, rosary leaders, bible study leaders, altar attendants, lectors, pianists, hymn singers, and Eucharistic ministers. Resident volunteers only.


Consider sharing your talents by joining your fellow residents in any of the talented groups here on campus: Little Theatre Company, Chapel Concert Series, Community Concert Series, CUP Choir, OLOA Choir, CUP Hand Bell Choir, Harmonizers, or the Vesper Choir. Resident volunteers only.


Enjoy spending time with pets? Pet sitters and pet walkers are always needed to assist fellow residents.      Resident volunteers only.


Enjoy taking photographs? Volunteers are needed to provide photo coverage for community activities. Resident volunteers only.


Enjoy knitting or crocheting? This ministry provides hope and prayers by giving individuals in need (i.e. through illness) hand- made shawls. Resident volunteers only.


Want to share your love of music with your fellow residents? Consider joining a group in the community. Groups perform in Independent Living and Continuing Care. Resident volunteers only.


Current and former members of Rotary International, along with volunteers, work together to support local and international community projects. Resident volunteers only.


Work with the Sales Department during marketing luncheons / tours for potential residents and families. Volunteer to show your apartment for potential residents and families. Resident volunteers only.


There are various volunteer groups on campus that participate in various craft sessions and donate their hand-made goods to worthy causes. There are many groups to choose from depending on your interest, such as the Sew n’ Sews, Stitches from the Heart, and the Quilters Group. Check list under Clubs. Resident volunteers only


This group of volunteers works at the Treasure Chest, Treasures Unlimited and the Ladies’ Boutique during the week, and/or at the quarterly Treasure Sale. Many different job opportunities available. Resident Volunteers only.



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Opportunities off Campus

Charlestown residents currently participate in volunteer activities at the following locations.

Volunteer Form

You can complete the online form below, which will be sent directly to the Kathleen Hart, Charlestown Volunteer Coordinator, or you can download and complete the Resident Volunteer Application Form.

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Volunteer Opportunities at Charlestown

Chart by Department

Opportunities off Campus

Volunteer Form

You can complete the online form below, which will be sent directly to the Stephanie Knowles, Charlestown Volunteer Coordinator, or you can download and complete the Resident Volunteer Application Form.