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Volunteer Opportunities Here at Charlestown

Ways to Serve

• Create/Run a group doing a hobby you enjoy
• Help support a group to be functional
• Participate in Residents Council
• Help support the Benevolent Care Fund
• Visit with fellow residents who need a friend
• Volunteer at special events
• Share a talent, hobby or travel stories with residents in continuing care.
• Be a wheel chair escort
• Treasure Sale Volunteer
• Pet Visits to fellow residents
• Collect cans or bags for recycling program
• Donate materials for events or CC activities

There are so many ways to get involved. Contact the Volunteer Coordinator Allison Chlada to get started. 601-8133 or

Volunteers Needed for Winter Putterland

Winter Putterland: Miniature Golf Festivities at Charlestown

February 20 – 24: Course monitors needed

February 22: Wheelchair/walking escorts for Continuing Care & Intermissions

Please contact Donna Ferrara. Contact information can be found in the Resident Directory, available online in MyErickson.

Donations Needed for Activities in Continuing Care

Donation Suggestions

Trivia, word search, or picture books
Costume jewelry
Bingo prizes:

Individually packaged snacks & chocolates (No hard candy)
Small lotions & perfumes
Fidgets, small toys & games
Other trinkets & goodies
Used/clean gift bags to recycle for prizes

Please bring all donations to the Community Resources Office in Brookside Billiards Room or contact Allison Chlada at 601-8133 to arrange for pickup.

Important tips for becoming a Volunteer Superhero

Choose something that’s a good fit for you

Think about what matters to you, and be selective about where you spend your time. Choosing opportunities that make you feel good while helping other, builds stronger communities, and enriches your own life at the same time.

Learn something new

Volunteering can also teach you valuable new skills that you can use in other parts of your life. Push yourself creatively. Find something you enjoy doing and enhance your skills

Don’t over-commit your schedule

Remember all the other commitments you have in your life, and don’t burn yourself out. Stick to a volunteering schedule that makes sense for you and leaves you time to enjoy the activity.

Volunteering as a group

Group volunteering is a wonderful way to bond with your family, friends or neighbors. Not only will you create lasting memories, but you will help someone in need. The Activities Staff in our Assisted Living and Continuing Care centers can help choose a date and time for an interested group to lead an activity or entertain residents.

Create your very own volunteer activity

If you feel strongly about being a volunteer but don’t see anything on our lists of available volunteer activities, consider CUSTOMIZING YOUR OWN. Think of the skills you have to offer, your former career, the activities that YOU are passionate about. We can help you share your talent, knowledge or skills with other residents – teach a class, demonstrate a talent, give a presentation by creating a “customized” project or program.

Call the Volunteer Program Office: (410) 737-8838, Ext. 601-8133      

Did you know… more than 1/3 of our resident population is involved in volunteering?

They actually live the Charlestown motto: “Sharing our gifts to create a community that celebrates life!” Our Volunteer Program provides a variety of volunteer activities to fit your needs and lifestyle.

Would you like to share your time, talents or skills with fellow residents?

Whether you can spare a few hours a week or a few hours a month, we have many on- campus volunteer opportunities and flexible hours available in both Independent Living and Continuing Care.

Ready to begin?

Don’t forget to register with the Volunteer Program Office. This helps us keep our records current.
Contact the Volunteer Program Coordinator to find out how to register:

Allison Chlada, Volunteer Program Coordinator
Volunteer Program Office (Brookside, Terrace Level)

Volunteer Form

You can complete the online form below, which will be sent directly to the Charlestown Volunteer Coordinator, Allison Chlada or you can download and complete the Resident Volunteer Application Form.

Why Volunteer?

Volunteer Opportunities at Charlestown

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Opportunities off Campus

Volunteer Form

You can complete the online form below, which will be sent directly to the Charlestown Volunteer Coordinator,  Allison Chalada, or you can download and complete the Resident Volunteer Application Form.

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