Last Updated on September 27, 2021


Charlestown is a community of residents, employees and visitors. All should be mindful of the needs of everyone who lives, works and visits here. All residents, employees and visitors are expected to follow this policy.

Charlestown welcomes residents with personal automobiles on campus. Onsite open areas are set aside for the parking of resident, staff, visitor and contractor vehicles. Guidelines are established to manage campus parking and traffic. All residents are expected to abide by the following policies.

You observe the following guidelines relating to resident vehicles:

  • Vehicles must display current Charlestown registration stickers and license plates
  • Vehicles must be kept in working order
  • Vehicles which are disabled and/or unregistered may be towed at the owner’s expense
  • Vehicles may not park in visitor handicap spaces
  • Family members and other visitors may not park in “Resident Reserved” parking areas

Resident Reserved Parking: We have a limited number of parking spots on campus for residents to reserve for a monthly fee on a first come, first served basis. These spaces are designated for resident use only and may not be used for family members, friends, aids and/or contractors. Please contact General Services Customer Service at 443-29SERVE (443-297-3783).


Parking Guidelines: Guidelines are established to manage campus parking and traffic. All residents, guests, employees, and vendors are expected to abide by the following policies. Please observe the following guidelines for vehicles:

  • All vehicles must have current state registration and Charlestown registration stickers in front and back windows on drivers side
  • Vehicles must be kept in working order.
  • Disabled and/or unregistered may be towed at the owner’s expense.
  • Family members and visitors are prohibited from parking in “Resident” spaces .
  • Vehicles that violate the Charlestown Parking Policy will be subject to corrective action by Management.
  • Unfortunately, we do not have space for boats or campers. Residents are not allowed to keep these types of vehicles on campus.

Parking Violations: If you are concerned that someone is inappropriately parked, inconsistent with the categories and privileges as defined above, please call our Security office at 410 -747-8838 and make them aware. They will address the situation and act appropriately, given the infraction.

Family and Friends Program: FAQ’s

Will there be a cost for the Family and Friends program?
Yes. There is a one-time fee of $25 per person, to obtain the non-transferable window cling and non-descript badge, that will expedite your visitors access (by swiping this badge on the Resident/Employee side of the Gate) onto Charlestown. This replaces the old Frequent Visitor program.

What if my family or friend is not registered for this program?
Anyone who is not a member of the Family and Friends program will have to register at the gate for a daily pass, each time that they come on the campus. This is the same process that was required if you were not a registered Frequent Visitor. There is NO FEE for a daily pass.

Where can my family and friends park?
In any designated green-lined “Guest” space or any unmarked white spaces located throughout the campus.

What if my visitor, personal hired contractor or I park somewhere that they/I are not supposed to park?
There is a progressive fine that is imposed for violations. All monies go to the Benevolent Care Fund (BCF). Residents will incur the fines for their family and friends, and resident-hired contractor violations.