Last Updated on February 8, 2020

Guidelines for Religious Expression at Charlestown

All residents have a right to pursue religious expression or not to be involved in religious activity. Since residents do not all share the same faith group, the following guidelines are suggested for harmonious living at Charlestown Retirement Community

  1. Residents interested in religious activities may gather with like-minded persons in their apartment, private dining areas or a reserved activity room on campus.
  1. Residents may announce their activity via literature by campus mail or emails with the caveat that individuals may opt out of receiving such
  1. Residents have the right to wear religious apparel or jewelry in public
  1. Meeting announcements (what, where and when) of religious interest may be posted on bulletin boards and on channel 972 following the existing policies outlined in the Resident Handbook.
  1. Other than traditional holiday displays, no resident sponsored religious signs or literature may be posted or distributed in public places, hallways, laundry rooms, elevators, and dining
  1. Residents may decorate their door and shelf with religious content with consideration of harmonious living. Any decoration should stay within the doorframe and the shelf to the side of the door.
  1. Residents wishing to develop religious programs should adhere to the Charlestown Religious Programming Guidelines Community TV Channel 972 dated March 13,

Adopted by Charlestown Residents’ Council – March 13, 2017