Last Updated on August 14, 2021


The Maintenance staff provide a variety of services, including routine filter changes, smoke detector checks, light bulb replacement, fixing slow draining or sinks, and repairing clogged drains. Also contact Maintenance for non-billing related Comcast issues. Please contact the General Services Office at 443-29SERVE (443-297-3783).

Cooling/Heating System and Space Heaters
Every apartment is equipped with a climate control system and thermostat. If you have problems regulating the temperature within your apartment, please contact the General Services Office at 443-29SERVE (443-297-3783).

Routine Filter Changes
The General Services Engineering staff will change the filter in your apartment’s system at a frequency consistent with the manufacturer’s recommendation. If you miss your scheduled filter change appointment, please contact the General Services Office at 443-29SERVE (443-297-3783).

To submit a service request during standard working hours: Monday – Friday 8 a.m. to 4:30 p.m., please call your General Services team at 443-297-3783 or email

While Charlestown General Services is committed to handling all of your requests in a timely manner, issues that impact the safety and security of residents are given the highest priority. For your convenience, typical maintenance requests and estimated response times are listed below.

After hours, on holidays, and on weekends, only emergencies will be addressed by contacting Security at 410.737.8806.

Emergency or Safety Issue
Receive call back same day. Same day completion.

Urgent electrical, plumbing or heating/cooling issue
Water leak or outage (includes no hot/cold water)
Electricity outage (full apt. or full room)
Clogged toilet (if you only have one)
Clogged sink
Smoke detector not working
Refrigerator not working

Routine Maintenance
Receive call back in 1 business day. Scheduled within 2 business days.

Appliance issue
(i.e., microwave repair)
Light bulb replacement
Clogged toilet (if you have two)
Low water flow
Door latch adjustments
Garbage disposal not working

Nonroutine Maintenance
Receive call back in 1 business day. Scheduled within 2 business days.

Warranty items for buildings opened less than one year
Special parts to be ordered
Scheduling a contract or/ v end or
Patch and paint requests

Need Something Fixed?

Call the General Services Call Center at 443-29SERVE (297-3783) to let them know you need assistance. Use the options offered on their help line to narrow your requirement, and one of the three coordinators will schedule you for service during normal working hours. If...

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Reminder Concerning Garbage Disposal Usage

Living in an apartment and utilizing a garbage disposal is quite different than living in a home and utilizing a garbage disposal. If a garbage disposal is not used correctly back up can occur in an apartment above or below yours. Please note the following...

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Are You Using Your Garbage Disposal?

Because of continuing problems that occur from the misuse of garbage disposals, it was felt that rerunning a previous Sunburst article on the topic is warranted. Our maintenance staff would really appreciate your cooperation, as well as your neighbors on...

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