Herbert Run Videos (West Branch and East Branch)

Documentary on the West Branch Herbert Run, tributary to the Patapsco River (2017) and the earlier documentary on the East Branch Herbert Run (2015). Produced by residents at Charlestown Retirement Village in Catonsville, Maryland.

Farewell to the Weeping Cherry

This documentary showcases the removal of the weeping cherry tree near the OLOA Chapel at Charlestown in 2016. It was dead. It had to go. It was only a tree but somehow it represented a part of the history of this place. The tree estimated to be 80 – 100 years old was removed on January 14. It lived beyond the normal life expectancy for weeping cherry trees.

Santee Nation

Dr. George Brenneman produced this video in 2015 as part of his presentation about the Sioux Nation for the ELLIC program at Charlestown. He has served as a volunteer pediatrician on the Crow Creek reservation