Coax Cable

A coaxial cable, or coax for short, is a type of cable commonly used to connect a TV set or box to a feed built into your wall. One end screws onto the jack on the wall; the other screws onto the TV or cable box.


HDMIHDMI is a type of cable connector used to connect TV and video screens and projectors to their video and audio sources.For example, an HDMI cable is used to connect a cable box to a TV. Or in a classroom, it can be used to connect a computer (or tablet or phone with an adapter) […]

Lightning Connector

The lightning connector is a cable connector used by Apple iPhones and iPads. When you want to connect another device by cable to an iPhone, such as a battery charger or printer or earphones, or a big screen, you must use a cable with a lightning connector on the end that plugs into the iPhone. […]

Thunderbolt Connector

The thunderbolt connector is a cable connector designed to give a cable plug-in to Macintosh computers. Macs may have other connectors, too, such as HDMI video connectors, USB connectors, audio jacks, and power connectors.  The current thunderbolt connector can perform any of these connection functions, too. The standard has changed through the years, adding more […]

USB-C Connector

USB-C is a recent standard for cable connections that is compatible with a lot of current computers and smart devices. It is used on most new Windows and Android computers and devices sold today. It is also compatible and interchangeable with the Thunderbolt cables and connectors used with Mac computers. It is currently in use […]