Nature Trail Committee Update

Last Updated on July 29, 2017

After traditionally skipping August for a meeting, the Nature Trail Committee met September 21 with a full agenda. We will be participating in the annual Fruits of Our Labor event Sep 30 from 11 a.m. to 1:30 p.m. in the Cross Creek Lobby, where many Charlestown clubs and organizations have representatives and displays at tables to provide information on their groups. On October 19 at 1 p.m. in the Auditorium, Harper Griswold will give his interesting presentation on hummingbirds. On October 20, members of the Nature Trail Committee will have their fall Clean-up Day to do routine maintenance on the Trail. Guests are welcome to help. We will meet at the back of the Cross Creek lobby at 10 a.m.

The Butterfly and Wildflower Gardens are in their seasonal downturn, with fewer blossoms being seen, and the seedheads being left for the birds to enjoy. Re our efforts to have gardens conducive to Monarchs, only a few of the butterflies were seen this year, and no caterpillar feeding was seen on our milkweed plants. Perhaps we will have better luck next year. 

We have several additional projects which we are supporting or actively working on. These include upgrading the Lake Trail, helping Charlestown in planting more trees on campus, erosion control on a hillside above the Nature Trail and along two areas of Herbert Run, development of identification cards for major tree species beside our skywalks, and improvement of entry areas to the Nature Trail.

If any of these activities sound interesting, come and join us!

Bert Clegern
Nature Trail Committee

Sandtown Forum

Last Updated on August 24, 2018

Close to 100 people attended the Sandtown Forum held at Charlestown January 12, 2016. Seven individuals from community organizations in the Sandtown-Winchester area of Baltimore City presented information.The Forum came about because of the interest and concern of some Charlestown residents who wanted to help the community after the Baltimore unrest. The participant list is offered for your information. Links to articles about the area and a map are at the bottom of the page.

New Song Community Learning Center

New Song Community Learning Center is a non-profit organization, begun in 1991 to address the educational needs in the Sandtown-Winchester Community. It is one component of a larger comprehensive community development initiative. New Song is committed to making a long-term community investment in the lives of neighborhood youth and their families. New Song’s interim director is Amelia Harris.

Jane Johnson, Retired Exec. Director Phone 410-952-1424


Mailing Address:   1530 Presstman St., Baltimore, MD 21217



Habitat for Humanity

Retired Professor of Physics at Towson University, Dr. Wessner started volunteering with the Sandtown-Winchester Habitat for Humanity in 1990. His skills as an accomplished heating/cooling specialist led him to work on some 300 plus refurbished houses in Sandtown, where upon he became “Ductman of Sandtown.” The Habitat vision is “a world in which everyone has a decent, affordable place to live.”

Dr. John Wessner,  Phone: 410-961-4797    Email:

Mailing Address: 3917 Canterbury Road, Baltimore, MD 21218



Intersection for Change (formerly New Born Holistic Ministries)

Elder C. W. Harris is a lifelong resident of Sandtown and an elder of the Newborn Community of Faith Church. At age 65, he continues to be an initiator of new projects and a valued leader in all aspects of Sandtown’s neighborhood.

Elder C. W. Harris  Phone: 410-925-0719  Website:

Email Address:

Mailing address: 1947 Pennsylvania Ave., Baltimore, MD 21217



No Boundaries Coalition

The No Boundaries Coalition is a resident-led advocacy organization building a unified and empowered Central West Baltimore across the boundaries of race, class and neighborhood. Currently, NoBoundaries is working to increase police accountability, improve public safety, increase access to healthy food, organize young people and increase voter turnout.

Rebecca Nagle, Coordinator       Phone: 443-722-0929



Ray Kelly, Public Safety Organizer Phone: 443-527-1871


Mailing Address: 1526 N Fremont Ave., Baltimore, MD 21217


Baltimoreans United In Leadership Development (BUILD)

BUILD is a non-partisan, interfaith, multiracial community power organization that joins people together from institutions across the city, developing relationships to act together on issues that change lives. With a 35 year history of organizing in Baltimore, BUILD identifies and develops leaders within its 45 member institutions to work together to improve housing, create jobs, rebuild schools and neighborhoods, as well as develop strategies and actions that encourage citizens to vote and become engaged around issues that matter to them.

Gwen Brown, Organizer  Phone 443-562-8252  Website:


Cheryl Finney, Project Organizer  Phone 410-608-3302


Mailing Address: 2439 Maryland Ave., Baltimore, MD 21218


Articles: History of SandtownSandtown Neighborhood Background, A Portrait of Sandtown.

Map: click to enlargesandtown map

Caton Woods Update September 9, 2016

Last Updated on May 14, 2017

It’s the final push for the project and you can see the area being graded where the parking lot will go, there is a roof on the bridge, the shell of the EMS bay is complete, the storm water management facility is forming in front of the building and you can see the sidewalk, steps and retaining walls forming as well as mulching being brought in for landscaping. –Matt Rosewag


Grading the Parking Lot


Covered Bridge



Sidewalk Along the Side of Caton Ridge




Caton Woods Update September 2, 2016

Last Updated on May 15, 2017

The EMS bay is nearing completion and now has a roof on it.  The WT trailer has been removed and replaced by a smaller one in the back to begin grading for the parking lot.  The bridge continues to develop and you can begin to see clean up around the jobsite as well as further grading around the perimeter of the building in preparation for landscaping.

cci20160831-1 cci20160831-2 cci20160831-3 cci20160831-4

Caton Woods Update August 26, 2016

Last Updated on May 15, 2017

And progress continues!  Some pictures I have taken below are of the new EMS Bay (remember the present one is in RGT which will be demolished after residents move into Caton Woods), 2 shots of progress made on the bridge and finally the progress made on the area in front of the building where residents will be dropped off.  This area will be semi-circled like the clubhouses in the rest of the community as well as roof covered for some weather protection; a nice upgrade from RGT.
– Matt Rosewag, Director of Operations Strategy


EMS bay



Main entrance