Nature Trail Committee Update

After traditionally skipping August for a meeting, the Nature Trail Committee met September 21 with a full agenda. We will be participating in the annual Fruits of Our Labor event Sep 30 from 11 a.m. to 1:30 p.m. in the Cross Creek Lobby, where many Charlestown clubs and organizations have representatives and displays at tables to provide information on their groups.

Sandtown Forum

Close to 100 people attended the Sandtown Forum held at Charlestown January 12, 2016. Seven individuals from community organizations in the Sandtown-Winchester area of Baltimore City presented information.The Forum came about because of the interest and concern of some Charlestown residents who wanted to help the community after the Baltimore unrest. The participant list is offered for your information. Links to articles about the area and a map are at the bottom of the page. Read more

Caton Woods Update September 9, 2016

It’s the final push for the project and you can see the area being graded where the parking lot will go, there is a roof on the bridge, the shell of the EMS bay is complete, the storm water management facility is forming in front of the building and you can see the sidewalk, steps and retaining walls forming as well as mulching being brought in for landscaping. –Matt Rosewag Read more

Caton Woods Update September 2, 2016

The EMS bay is nearing completion and now has a roof on it.  The WT trailer has been removed and replaced by a smaller one in the back to begin grading for the parking lot.  The bridge continues to develop and you can begin to see clean up around the jobsite as well as further grading around the perimeter of the building in preparation for landscaping. Read more

Caton Woods Update August 26, 2016

And progress continues!  Some pictures I have taken below are of the new EMS Bay (remember the present one is in RGT which will be demolished after residents move into Caton Woods), 2 shots of progress made on the bridge and finally the progress made on the area in front of the building where residents will be dropped off.  This area will be semi-circled like the clubhouses in the rest of the community as well as roof covered for some weather protection; a nice upgrade from RGT.
– Matt Rosewag, Director of Operations Strategy Read more