Last Updated on May 25, 2021



All physical, exterior space and viewshed outside of our resident apartments is considered common area space to be used for the enjoyment of all of Charlestown’s residents.

Before considering any physical or aesthetic enhancement of your patio, or beginning any garden work, please call 443-297SERVE (443-297-3783) and select option 3 for grounds. A staff member will review your plans to help ensure that they are in-keeping with our commitment to ensuring an appropriate environment for our community. Regarding gardening, they will also show you the garden boundaries and explain what areas the Charlestown staff will be responsible for maintaining.

Guidelines for Patios: Patios will be kept neat and orderly at all times. This will allow the surrounding residents to more fully enjoy the common areas. Furniture should be limited to typical patio furniture. Trellises and arbors should not be placed on patios or in common areas, and must not be attached to the building in any way.
• Patios and common areas are not intended for storage. Tools, bikes, etc., must be stored within the apartments or within approved interior storage areas. Low profile “Rubbermaid-type” storage benches and chests kept on patios for additional storage are allowed, provided that they are not visually obtrusive.
• Due to safety considerations, grills and barbeques may not be used on balconies or patios.
• To preserve the aesthetic integrity of the property, please avoid displaying bedding, towels, rugs, holiday decorations* or signs from balconies or on patios.
• Considerations will be made for holiday lighting, which may not be applied in any public community area, or planting beds, and which must be removed by January 15th
• The addition of lighting to patios is not permitted, nor is the attachment of any materials, including shades, to the awning or building structure.
• Solar patio lights for the garden are not restricted.
• Birdfeeders are permitted, as long as they are thirty (30) feet from the building as they tend to attract mice and other rodents. Bird baths are permitted as long as they are kept clean to avoid mosquito problems.

Garden Beds

Individual garden areas are available in our community gardens located on the field by Arborside (AS8). These garden areas may be cultivated for vegetables and flower growing, no trees allowed. Gardens are reserved and assigned by contacting the Grounds Department. Community garden tools are located in the shed and are shared by all the gardeners.

Guidelines for Gardens:

• Residents with balconies and patios are encouraged to pursue gardening.
• The Grounds office reserves the right to restrict plants, shrubs or decorations which are deemed to be a hazard or nuisance.
• Due to safety considerations, items placed or mounted on top of or outside of railings are not permitted. Some examples include ashtrays, and planters.
• Stepping stones or rocks are permitted between patios and sidewalks as long as they are standard size and color. They must also be installed properly so that they do not interfere with lawn maintenance and/or create safety hazards. Please contact the Grounds Department with any questions.
• Plantings may be placed in pots, or you may plant small bushes or shrubs around your patio area (no more than two (2) feet away from the patio).
• We respectfully request that trees not be planted, as we work very closely with our campus landscapers to present an attractive and appropriate plan for larger landscape materials.
• No fences or invisible or electric dog containment systems are permitted. No railings or handrails may be installed.
• The use of lawn ornaments is restricted to the “two (2) foot” planting beds described above. Lawn ornaments must be in good taste and not in excessive number.
• If you need help planting bushes, Grounds can assist (See current Ancillary Fee Schedule).