Bare trees and cooler mornings are a reminder that although most of our recent weather has been mild, Snuggle Weather is on its way. It’s time to put away the Capri pants, summer-y tees and tank tops and make a trip to Herberts Run to visit Charlestown’s Boutique and find something beautiful and “new to you” for your closet. The shop is ready for you!!

Managers Peggy Romenesko and Barbara Weaver have pulled out all the stops, and brought out all the cold weather and holiday goodies…pullover and cardigan sweaters, indoor jackets, and knit tops in fall and winter colors. And there’s a still-excellent selection of well-cut or relaxed fit pants to wear with them.

Readers of my most recent Boutique Blog know that Charlestown shoppers (and those from the surrounding community) can save themselves a pile of cash and a lot of time by shopping at The Boutique. The inventory often is stellar, with beautiful “pre-loved” clothing (and new items with store tags still on them) in a wide range of styles, colors and sizes selling for just a fraction of retail store prices. And if, like me, the coming holidays bring out the socially-active-you, the shop provides a great opportunity to do a little retail therapy in the company of your Charlestown friends and neighbors.

Boutique volunteers and managers are very proud of the shop’s much-increased contributions to Charlestown’s Benevolent Care Fund and other Charlestown activities this year. The Boutique made record-setting contributions to both of the 2022 Treasure Sales, and the shop’s weekly “take” has been well over $500 on many Tuesdays. This success is due in large part to the increased interest of Charlestown’s smartest shoppers, who have learned that the Boutique is a venue worth exploring!

The Boutique is located on the Terrace Level in Herbert’s Run, down one flight from the Level 1 elevator lobby near the bridge to St. Charles, and is open on Tuesdays from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m.

Would-be shoppers who find it difficult to get to the boutique due to busy schedules may telephone Managers Barbara Weaver or Peggy Romenesko and ask them to open the shop at a convenient time and enjoy a private shopping experience. Peggy and Barbara also provide Personal Shopper service to residents: Telephone either woman, tell her your sizes, color preferences, and the types of items you’d like to see; the clothes will brought to you to try on and choose in your own home. Contact information can be found in the Resident Directory, available on MyErickson.

~ Dayle Dawes for The Boutique ~