Scholars' Program

In May, the Charlestown Scholars’ Program increased when 19 newly inducted students joined the 100 scholars already enjoying the opportunity for scholarship funds paid directly to their accredited colleges or trade schools. While some students may be leaving Charlestown to go off to school, just as many will continue to work with residents while they pursue their educational goals locally. Congratulations, again, to all our scholars!

This program would not be possible were it not for the overwhelming generosity of residents. Think of this math: 119 current students at $4,000 per year ($16,000 total) = $1.9 million committed to our current scholars! Thank you, neighbors, for your appreciation of education and your financial support!

We also thank the groups and individuals funding the Named Scholarships which are awarded to students who meet specific criteria associated with each scholarship and complete a stringent application/interview process.

This month we are looking forward to exciting enhancements to the program. Your Scholars’ Committee, in partnership with Philanthropy, is developing a mentoring program for our scholars. We are also looking for ways to continue to increase awareness of the program through face-to-face meetings with both students and their supervisors. The Charlestown Scholarship is also an incentive which helps to recruit new staff.

We want to thank those Committee members who have elected to pursue other interests. Charlie Eichenlaub, chair of the committee for the last seven years, has left an indelible footprint of excellence and passion for the program. We also want to thank Jackie Graham, Norma Goldberg, Marie Skane, and Elva Tillman for their years of dedicated service on the committee. Of course, the program would never have succeeded without the efforts, guidance, and tremendous support of the Philanthropy office, Patti Santoni and Emily Fowler.

Mimi O’Donnell, Committee Chair