Last Updated on May 20, 2022

Resident Life

Karen Leighton

Karen Leighton

Resident Life Director
410-737-8838 x8608
Cross Creek

Deanner Booker

Resident Life Administrative Assistant
410-737-8838 x8230
Cross Creek

Community Resources

Mary Evans, Community Resources Manager

Mary Evans

Community Resources Manager
410-737-8838 x8558
Brookside, T-Level

Rose Sands

Brittany Owens

Lead Community Resources Coordinator
410-737-8838 x8570
Brookside, T-Level
Rose Sands

Rose Sands

Community Resources Coordinator
410-737-8838 x8172
Brookside, T-Level


Jennifer Tillett

Jennifer Tillett

Concert Coordinator
410-737-8838 x8577
Brookside, T-Level
Jennifer Tillett

Stephanie Knowles

Volunteer Program Coordinator
410-737-8838 x8133
Maple Terrace, Main Street

Resident Services Coordinators

Resident Services Coordinators are professionals who can support you during a difficult time. They offer counseling for handling anxiety, depression, stress management, coping, cognitive changes, grief and bereavement, caregiver stresses, crisis intervention, and more. Additionally, they can help in advance care planning, including advance directives, living wills, financial power of attorney documents, and end-of-life decision-making.

The commitment to coordinated care allows our resident services providers to best serve you, your loved one, and your family members during what can sometimes be complex transitions. 

A Resident Services Coordinator is assigned to each residential building. 

*Please call first to book an appointment.

Patti Santoni, Director of Philanthropy

Lisa Roeder, MSW, LCSW-C
Manager, Resident Services
Cross Creek Lobby

Emily Fowler

Robin Clay, LCSW-C
Resident Services Coordinator

Office: Near Terrace Café
Fountain Hill (Building 1)
Maple Terrace (Building 2)
Edgewood (Building 3)
New Carroll (Buildings 4 & 5)
Courtyard Crossing (Building 7)
Arborside (Building 8)
Greentree Court (Building 9)
Harborview (floors 4, 5, & 6)

Emily Fowler

Andrea Lanasa, LBSW
Resident Services Coordinator

Office: St Charles – 1st floor near St. Charles Desk
Herbert’s Run
St. Charles
Harborview (floors 1, 2, & 3)

Patti Santoni, Director of Philanthropy

Victoria Marie Shirley, MSW
Resident Services Coordinator

Office: Brookside T Level
Caton Ridge
Chapel Court

Emily Fowler

Linda Armstrong, RN
Intermissions Program Coordinator

Office: Caton Ridge 302
Intermissions Program