Last Updated on February 21, 2022

Outpatient Rehabilitation Services

What makes Charlestown different?

We specialize in senior care with a personal touch. Our team of physical therapists, occupational therapists and speech-language pathologists understands the unique needs of older adults. Using a multidisciplinary approach coupled with advanced technology, we work with patients and their physicians to develop a personalized rehabilitation experience.


Main Office: Caton Ridge,1st floor
Satellite Office: Caton Woods
Caton Ridge Hours: Mon. – Fri. 8 AM – 4:30 PM; Sat. by appointment only
Caton Woods: By appointment only
410-737-8859 to arrange a personal tour and/or a free balance screen
Physical, Speech-Language and Occupational Therapy for older adults
Reserved parking for clients at Caton Ridge; no reserved parking at Caton Woods
Services available to non-residents
Residents who are having pain, or difficulties with walking or daily activities, should reach out to their doctor for a therapy referral. Let us help you return to an active lifestyle.
Amy Liu, Rehab Manager; Patrick Kincius, Assistant Rehab Manager

Our Services and Programs include:

Physical/Occupational Therapy
• Manual therapy
• Neuro rehabilitation
• Body mechanics/work simplification
• Assistive device training
• Therapeutic/home exercise programs
• Balance and vestibular therapy
• Activities of daily living (ADL) training
• Aquatics therapy
• Lymphedema management
• Urinary incontinence

Speech-Language Pathology Services
• Cognitive rehabilitation
• Voice retraining
• Swallowing therapy
• Aural (hearing) rehabilitation

Specialty Therapy Services
• Low vision program
• Wound care services
• Lymphedema
• Breast cancer rehabilitation
• Balance and fall risk
• Vestibular therapy
• Aquatics therapy
• Home safety
• Pain Management
• Headaches
• Stroke and brain injury
• Memory care
• Parkinson/LSVT BIG
• Speech difficulties
• Swallowing difficulties
• Energy conservation

• Aphasia
• Balance and vestibular disorders
• Pain
• Bell’s palsy
• Breast cancer

• Burns
• Cervical dysfunction
• Dementia
• Diabetic/neuropathic ulcers
• Dysarthria
• Dysphagia/swallowing disorders
• Late effects of radiation
• Lymphedema
• Neuritis
• Orthopedic injury conditions
• Parkinson’s disease
• Post-surgical wounds/amputations
• Pressure ulcers
• Pre-/post-surgical rehabilitation
• Progressive neurological disorder
• Cerebrovascular accident (CVA)
• Multiple sclerosis (MS)
• Amytrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS)
• Repetitive motion injuries
• Traumatic brain injury
• Traumatic wounds
• Vertigo/dizziness
• Voice disorders (incl. vocal cord dysfunction)

Dive into Wellness with Aquatic Therapy 

Aquatic therapy can help you heal following an injury or manage medical conditions like arthritis and chronic pain. Water provides just the right amount of resistance without damaging your joints.

Charlestown’s comprehensive aquatic therapy program provides a wealth of benefits:
• One-on-one sessions with a licensed physical therapist
• Convenient location at the on-site pool – no need to drive!
• Water kept at the perfect temperature to encourage muscle relaxation and circulation

If you or a loved one could benefit from aquatic therapy at Charlestown, contact us.