Birthday Angels Needed!


This is a special group of “Secret Angel Volunteers” who work to put a smile on the faces of Charlestown residents on their birthdays and has been a tradition at Charlestown for over 35 years!

If interested, please contact Rose Sands in Community Resources at 410-737-8838, ext. 601-8172.


birthday card w/ envelope

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Dawn Hudson


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Delivery Angels for Brookside, Herbert’s Run, Charlestown Square and Courtyard Crossing:
 Blow up a balloon (using balloon pump add ribbon.
 “Secretly” post the pre-made card on residents’ door(s) the night before their birthdays.
 Supplies are provided (cards, balloons, ribbons, list of residents’ birthday for the month and a balloon pump).

District Coordinator for Brookside and Herbert’s Run:
 This volunteer co-chair works with Community Resources and oversees the Delivery Angels for Brookside and Herbert’s Run.
 Obtain Monthly Birthday List from Community Resources
 Distribute lists to their respective Birthday Delivery Angels monthly (via cubbies).
 Oversee the distribution of supplies (listed above) which are stored in the Cross Creek Creative Arts Studios to the Delivery Angels when their supplies run low.*
* Community Resources is responsible for ordering supplies.
* District Coordinators are responsible for notifying Community Resources of their supply needs.

Pet Volunteers Wanted


We are in great need of pet volunteers!

We love pet visits in Continuing Care. The benefits are often seen immediately.

A few of the many benefits are:

  • Great mental health booster (for the resident, the dog, and the owner)
  • Lowers stress levels
  • Improve blood pressure and cardiac health
  • Help decrease loneliness

If you have a pet who meets the following criteria talk to Stephanie Knowles in the Volunteer Department about getting set up for this great opportunity.

  • Friendly with strangers
  • Non Barker
  • Gentle
  • Well groomed
  • Not overly energetic

Stephanie Knowles  – 410-737-8838 x 8133

added Feb. 12, 2020

Dorsey Activities Cart Volunteers

Dorsey Activities Cart Volunteers

• Deliver and/or participate in activities with long and short term residents in Dorsey. Activities are on a cart that you will push to various rooms.
• Visit with residents who are not interested in an activity but would still like some company

For more information, contact Janice Boone

Volunteer Opportunities February 2020

Lansdowne Elementary School
Work with elementary age children in various ways. A group of volunteers from Charlestown goes on Thursdays via the free shuttle.
For more information, contact Janet Evans or the Volunteer office at 410-737-8838, ext. 601-8133.

Dorsey Activities Cart
Take a cart with various activities to rooms at Dorsey Hall to give residents an opportunity to do an activity. Volunteers can do the activity with the resident or they may prefer you to leave the activity with them to do on their own.
Contact the Volunteer office at 410-737-8838, ext. 601-8133 for more information about joining this brand new initiative.

60 Minutes Visitors Group
Volunteers needed to go to Caton Woods on the 1st and 3rd Monday of the month to visit residents.
For more information, contact Pat Payne or the Volunteer office at 410-737-8838, ext. 601-8133

Friendly Visitors
Welcome new residents with a friendly visit. Help them get adjusted to life here at Charlestown and meet a new friend at the same time!
For more information contact Ellie DiPietro or the Volunteer office at 410-737-8838, ext. 601-8133

Memory Care Friendly Visitors
Visit with residents in memory care and do activities such as reading, painting nails etc.
Contact Volunteer office for more information 410-737-8838, ext. 601-8133