Become a Pet Visitor Volunteer

If you have a pet that meets the following requirements, they can potentially join our Volunteer Team as well!
• Enjoys people
• Able to remain calm with several other people around
• Is not a big barker
• Is updated on their vaccines
• Has trimmed nails (to avoid causing skin tears)
• Is well groomed
• Does not jump on people
• Wants extra cuddles and to bring joy to others

If your pet meets these requirements, please reach out to our Volunteer Department at 420-737-8838 x601-8133

Continuing Care is now open for IL Resident Volunteers

Continuing Care is now open for IL resident volunteers and WE NEED YOU!! There are many ways to volunteer in CC. Here are a few ideas:

*Lead a group making Rosaries (or be an assistant during  the class)
*Knitting/crocheting activity leader/assistants
*Presentation speaker: share your knowledge of history, travel, or whatever topics you are knowledgeable about
*Wheel Chair Escort support to various events
*Quilting Group leaders and assistants
*Musicians: pianist, strings or vocalists
*Woodwork craft group leaders and assistants
*Monthly, weekly or one time craft activity
*Join our “Herbs Heroes” activity cart team
*Ceramics Group helpers
*Have a pet that has a gentle demeanor? They can possibly become pet volunteers.

For more information contact Stephanie Knowles, Volunteer  Program Coordinator at 601-8133

Pet Volunteers Needed

Are you an Independent Living resident dog owner? Does your dog have a calm demeanor and like visiting with others?

If so, we need you both!

Get Certified to become a Pet Volunteer for Continuing Care!

Pets benefits for Seniors:

  • The ability to have something to pet or touch can result in lower blood pressure, normal heart rate, and reduced stress.
  • Pets provide emotional stability during stressful situations, helping to reduce anxiety and depression.
  • For people with dementia, animals can be soothing to those who have difficulty using language.
  • Animals can help improve socialization- they listen without judgment and give unbiased affection, especially when a senior may desire to share the thoughts they may not be comfortable telling family or friends.


To get involved with this amazing service contact Stephanie Knowles, Volunteer Program Coordinator at 601-8133 or

Posted 5-29-2021

Do You Enjoy Our Nature Trail?

We need volunteers to maintain the Nature Trail!

Could you help the Nature Trail Club maintain it?  Even a little bit of time would help especially in spring.

Come to our next meeting on Wednesday, June 16, 2021 at 10 AM in music room.  Can’t come?  Call Marty Tewksbury or email Ron DeAbreu. Contact information can be found in the Resident Directory on MyErickson.

Collection for Activities in Continuing Care

The Continuing Care Donation Committee is now collecting the following items for Activities in Continuing Care:

* Small American flags (for upcoming holiday celebrations)
* Patriotic pins
* Bingo prizes (powder, perfumes, trinkets)
* Used/Clean Gift bags to recycle to spruce up BINGO prize presentation.
* Red, white, and blue fake flowers (available in dollar stores)
* Pool noodles for crafting purposes (available in dollar stores)
* Trivia, word-search, or picture books

For Upcoming High Tea Event: * Red hats, gloves, jewelry, and purses for women
* Blue, red, or white hats for men

Please bring your donations to Community Resources (Brookside) or the Volunteer Programs Office (near train station on Main Street) Questions: Contact Ellen Macek.