Charlestown’s Board of Directors

Here is how it works:

Charleston residents live in a non-profit entity called Charlestown Community Inc.(CCI) and there is help in determining our present and our future. Charlestown’s Board of Directors are charged with maintaining Charlestown’s financial well-being and assuring the long-term viability of the community.

This group of qualified professionals recently added two new members, who bring valuable talents. Joanne L. Martin, a Cybersecurity Specialist, among many other impressive qualities, and Laura Ellison, a Healthcare Financial Specialist with much experience in helping to maintain and expand not-for-profit health systems. You can read more about them in the July and August issues of The Sunburst.

Board discussions may be on the following:
• Decide where to invest excess cash from operations and entrance deposits
• Budget for future Charlestown expenditures
• Deliberate with Erickson Living on what Erickson is planning for Charlestown
and arbitrate what is best for the community
• Recruit replacement board members, when necessary

The Board members do not publicly discuss what they are doing for the community, as their deliberations need to be confidential so that all viewpoints can be considered during the decision-making process. However, residents can review board meeting minutes.

Erickson Living is the management entity that the Board of Directors has contracted to handle Charlestown’s day-to-day business. Simply put, the pictures you see on the elevator each day are the Erickson Living Management Team and all other workers and staff are Charlestown employees hired by Erickson Living to assist the daily needs of the community.

Charlie Eichenlaub
Member, Resident Council Communications Committee

Thanksgiving Shuttle

Shuttle Service

Thanksgiving Holiday

Thursday November 22, 2018

No off campus service

On campus only 9am until 7pm

Must call ext.601-8448 For Pick Up

2018 Charlestown Pie Baking & Shelf Decorating Contests

The Fitness Team invites you to join us for the 2018 Charlestown Pie Baking & Shelf Decorating Contests!

Friday, November 16, 2018
11 AM – 12:30 PM
Cross Creek Fireplace Lounge

Event Details:
11:00 AM: Guess who is dressed up in the Turkey Costume!
11:15 AM: Pie Contest Begins! (Prize awarded)
11:45 AM: Best Dressed Shelf Winner is Announced! (Prize awarded)

Here’s How to Participate:
Monetary donations:
Come to the Fitness Center with a monetary donation from now until Nov. 16th. Donations will be used for $5.00 Giant Gift Cards for SWES & The Marian House.

Pie Baking Contest: You are invited to bake one Holiday Pie (any kind – savory or sweet) for the contest.. All who attend the contest (residents and staff) will get to taste each pie and vote for the pie they prefer. The pie with the most votes will be the winner.

Shelf Decorating Contest: We are encouraging as many residents as possible to decorate the shelf outside their apartments. Shelves will be judged on Tuesday, Nov. 13th to determine the Top 10 semi-finalists. The winner will be announced at the event on Nov. 16th.

Sign up in the Fitness Center by Thursday, Nov. 1st to participate in the Holiday Pie Baking and Shelf Decorating Contest! For more information, contact the Fitness Center, 410-737-8838, ext. 8730

Menu Focus Groups

Dining Services Information

Let Your Voice Be Heard…

Atrium The Black Swan Tuesday, Nov. 13th 2:30 PM
Chesapeake/Shortline Chesapeake Dining Room Tuesday, Nov. 13th 2:30 PM
Continuing Care Caton Woods Meeting Hall, T Level Tuesday, Nov. 13th 2:30 PM
Fireside Fireside Dining Room Thursday, Nov. 15th 2:30 PM
Refectory/Terrace Refectory Dining Room Thursday, Nov. 15th 11:30 AM

Pollination Presents a Program on Helping Struggling Youth

Launching Struggling Young Adults from Failure to Success
Tuesday, November 13, 2018
7:00 P.M. In the Auditorium

How do we help young adults, ages 18 to 25 years, who have had multiple failures in several settings, such as higher education, vocational training, employment and relationships? Parenting can be an arduous task as these individuals try to meet the challenges of finding a clear identity, separating from family, and developing a sense of intrinsic motivation.

The speaker is Dr. Rick Silver, is a psychiatrist and director of the Thrive Center for ADHO and Comprehensive Mental Health Care in Columbia, MD. which provides programs for struggling young adults and their families. Dr. Silver has an undergraduate degree from University of Michigan, a master’s degree in public health from the Johns Hopkins School of Public Health and his medical and psychiatric training at the University of Maryland School of Medicine.

~Sponsored by the Pollination Coordinating Team~

2018 Election Information

2018 Election Information

Presented by the Legislative/Political Committee of the Residents’ Council
October 2018
The document attached below contains the following sections:
Page 1. . . . . Important Election Dates
Page 2 . . . . .Polling Information; Boards of Election
Page 3 . . . . .Resources for Election Information
Page 4 . . . . .Election Data for Baltimore County (from November 2016)
Page 5 . . . . .Elected Officials for Precinct 1016, as of October 2018
Pages 6-8 . . .Information for Early Voting
Pages 9-12 . . Information for Absentee Voting

Questions about Medicare? She Has Answers!

Many residents have Medicare and Medicare Supplemental Insurance. Medicare Open Enrollment for 2019 runs from October 15 to December 7, 2018. It is time to examine health or prescription changes that have taken place in the last year and whether these might warrant checking out other available Medicare supplemental insurance plans. Additionally, you may have questions regarding options that might be necessary for future health issues.

Jennifer Simon is an Erickson employee who is a licensed insurance agent for Erickson Advantage, a Medicare Advantage plan offered by United Healthcare. Erickson Advantage is available only to Erickson Living residents. She is willing to answer any questions that you or your family members have regarding your current health insurance, even if you do not have Erickson Advantage coverage. However, to obtain the most specific answers and best options for you, you should be prepared to share your current benefits and premium plans with Jennifer.

Jennifer is well versed in the specific benefits that are available for Charlestown residents in both Independent Living and Continuing Care through Erickson Advantage.  This includes an onsite Member Services Representative to answer benefit and health insurance questions, help with arranging doctor’s appointments, and arrange for transportation to medical appointments. There is also a Care Coordinator, a registered nurse, who assists members with managing their health care needs.

Medicare regulations prevent Jennifer, from contacting residents who are not members of Erickson Advantage. So, it’s up to you to contact her. You may call or email Jennifer at any time to set up an individual appointment at 443-297-3110 or leaving your name, address, phone and/or email address on her voicemail, if she is out. Family members may also attend appointments.

Charlie Eichenlaub
Communications Committee

The ELLIC Steering Committee has Opportunities for Your Skills

If you have computer skills such as Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel, graphic design, we could use your assistance for the following tasks.

Please check Resident Directory in MyErickson for phone numbers.

Auditorium Booth Assistance: Love tech and a desire to learn.
Call: Ralph Strong
Catalog Production Assistant: Knowledge of Microsoft Word and Excel, graphic design.
Call – Valerie Ponsini
Communications Assistant: Knowledge of Microsoft Word, PowerPoint, graphic design.
Call – Jude Socher
Curriculum: Willing to make telephone and email contacts. AND/OR
Instructors: Willing to share professional knowledge, personal investigations/study, life experiences, and/or travel.
Call: Art Chenoweth
Membership/Distribution Chair, Reminder Card Distribution: Residents to aid in the distribution of class reminder cards to various lobby cubbies on a monthly basis throughout the fall and spring semesters.
Call: Doris Cooney or Jude Socher
Registrar: Computer Skills, some spreadsheet experience a plus.
Call – Gif Intlekofer
Reminder Card Production: Use your home computer and printer to produce ELLIC class reminder cards.
Call – Ralph Strong

Dietary Focus Group 2018-2019

The purpose of the Dietary Focus Group is to provide an enjoyable dining experience for the residents of Charlestown with special dietary needs. These issues may include but are not limited to food allergies and/or intolerances, medication interactions and restricted diets.

The group was started four years ago as it became more evidence that an increasing number of residents had dietary issues. We have had guest speakers on several topics generated by members of the group and share resources with those with similar issues. It is the goal of the group that each resident will advocate for their own issue with the dining staff where they dine on a regular basis.

Working with Dining Services, the group has been able to enhance the awareness of dietary issues in the more mature population. We try to have representation from Dining Services Administration at each meeting, to assist the group in understanding the dynamics of the overall dining services picture.

Some of the improvements to the dining service have included:

Lactose free milk
Dairy free spread
Plain Steamed Vegetables
Some gravies on the side
Gluten free chicken and beef soup base
Recipe books for the week’s menus at each dining venue to know the ingredients of each dish.

The group will meet at Brookside Classroom 2 at 10:00 AM on the following dates:

Friday, October 5, 2018