Be a Good Neighbor, Mask Up!

The Health Committee of the Residents’ Council reminds everyone that wearing a mask is required in all public places. That includes wearing a mask when walking in the halls, sitting in public areas, playing games with friends, and in large group gatherings such as attending church services and concerts and enjoying sing-a-longs or playing bingo. Let us keep COVID and Influenza at bay by practicing good Masking Up Habits.

Comcast Support for Low Vision, Accessibility Issues

If you have accessibility issues, such as low vision, and you have a Comcast account here at Charlestown, you are eligible to receive a large button TV Remote for free for each of your cable boxes.

All you need to do is request one from Comcast’s Accessibility Support Center seven days a week from 8:00 a.m-11:00 p.m. by calling, email, chat,  text,  or online. Help is also available for other accessibility issues.

Call: 855-270-0379
Text: Accessibility to 266278

Submitted by Maria “Merci” Izquierdo-Whitaker
Residents’ Council Vice-President

Medical Treatment Options Discussion

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Medical Treatment Options Discussion

Date: Tuesday, October 12, 2021
Time: 1:00PM – 2:00PM
Location: Auditorium

Hosted by
Andrea Lanasa, LBSW – Resident Services Coordinator
Victoria Marie Shirley, BSW, LMSW – Resident Services Coordinator

Dr. Myla Carpenter – Medical Director of Charlestown’s Medical Center
Craig Nelson – Security and Emergency Services Manager
Tracy Hickman, LPN – Nurse with Gilchrist Hospice

Topics that will be discussed:
● What is a MOLST form? (Maryland Medical Orders For Life-Sustaining Treatment)
● Understanding of life-sustaining procedures/treatments.
● What is an Advance Directive (Health Care Power of Attorney / Health Care Proxy / Health Care Agent / Living Will)?
● What is FILE OF LIFE & its importance at Charlestown?
● Role of security personnel in regards to carrying out resident’s medical wishes.
● Role of Hospice Care.
● Importance of health care discussions with health care providers & family.

Medication Take-Back Day, May 10, 2021

On Monday, May 10, 2021 another successful medication take back event was held at the Fireside Lounge and Cross Creek Lobby. The event was co-sponsored by the Residents’ Council Health Services Committee, Charlestown Security and the Baltimore County Police Department.

Coronavirus Vaccine Development

Hello Charlestown Friends
The Covid vaccines have proven spectacular, being more effective than many expected, even hoped. The innovators and the pharmaceutical companies deserve huge credit but so too does the federal government for smoothing the way, upfront funding, and reducing “down time'”
 “Coronavirus Vaccine Development in Record Time – It’s  Time To Appreciate a Great Success Story”
This article examines how Operation Warp Speed came into being and why it proved so effective. I hope you enjoy it and if you deem it worthy, give it a few claps at the end and pass on this email.
Best wishes

Stephen C Schimpff, MD, MACP