The Move-Out Process

Have you and your family “had the talk”… about handling your Charlestown affairs at the end of life?

Preparation Suggestions for Resident:

*Ensure that your family has a copy and/or knows where to find your Will or Trust. If you are a Veteran, make sure a copy of your DD214 is available.
*Familiarize your family with your Residence and Care Agreement with Charlestown. This is the contract that defines your refund settlement, if any.
*Complete the Authorization for Entry To Living Unit form explained below.

Rationale for Authorization Form:

When the final surviving resident passes in an apartment in Independent Living, Security will immediately place a special security lock on the door to the apartment to prevent illegal access. Security has updated the requirements, allowing residents to designate up to two authorized persons to enter an apartment, after submission the Authorization for Entry to Living Unit form available from the Administration Office or the Resident Life Office. Submit the form to Brittany Owens in the Resident Life office in Cross Creek.

Alternative to Submission of Authorization Form:

If this form has not been filed, the Executor/personal representative of an estate must obtain a Letter of Administration from the Baltimore County Courthouse, Register of Wills in Towson, MD for relatives to gain access to the locked residence. If a Trust is involved, family will need to provide these forms to Security for approval.

Before going to Towson, make sure to call ahead to The Register of Wills (410-887-6680) to find out the verification that the County needs you to provide. For example, a copy of original will, the death certificate, amount of money going into an estate (listed in the Residents Care Agreement), and various other items may be required. A Security Supervisor will escort a representative into an apartment to access required documents, if necessary. The Executor (or Trustee) of the estate should take a copy of the Trust or the Letter of Administration to the Security Supervisor to receive the key to the security lock.

Note: It is suggested that one request 12 copies of the death certificate, to have enough on hand to notify all concerned.

Obtaining a Move-Out Handbook:

A family should contact Lavina Dukes, the Charlestown Move-Out Coordinator for an important Move-Out Handbook and Things to Consider checklist to guide them through the process. The information provided in these guides is comprehensive and designed to aid in a smooth move-out and an efficient apartment turn-over, assuring a refund from the Community in a timely manner. 

For more information, please contact Lavina at 410-737-8838, ext 8375# or send her an email at

Charlie Eichenlaub
Resident Council Communications Committee

Residents’ Association Dues

By now, you have already heard about the Residents’ Association annual dues campaign which started April 1st. The resident-elected members of the Council ask that each resident contribute voluntary dues of $2.00 or more annually to support their efforts to represent you and your neighbors in keeping Charlestown a great place to live.

Among those efforts as stated in the bylaws are the promotion of “the health, comfort and safety of residents.” The Council will encourage “mutual efforts between residents and management to improve welfare and services and to control expenses.” In addition, the Council monitors “legislation concerning the welfare of retirement communities.”

Some examples of recent Council initiatives include helping fund the Archives, disposing of unused medications and sharps, recycling plastic bags and bringing attention to Wi-Fi connectivity issues.

As you can see, whether you are aware of it or not, you are affected directly or indirectly by the work of the Council and its Committees. This is a good opportunity for you along with your Charlestown neighbors to show support for the Council.

Residents have received a dues envelope addressed to Jack Murnane, Residents’ Council Treasurer, for the voluntary $2.00 or more contribution for each resident living in your apartment. Cash or checks made payable to “Charlestown Residents’ Council” are acceptable. Your Charlestown Residents’ Association dues envelope may be placed in the campus mail basket in any lobby for delivery.

Charlestown’s Board of Directors

Here is how it works:

Charleston residents live in a non-profit entity called Charlestown Community Inc.(CCI) and there is help in determining our present and our future. Charlestown’s Board of Directors are charged with maintaining Charlestown’s financial well-being and assuring the long-term viability of the community.

This group of qualified professionals recently added two new members, who bring valuable talents. Joanne L. Martin, a Cybersecurity Specialist, among many other impressive qualities, and Laura Ellison, a Healthcare Financial Specialist with much experience in helping to maintain and expand not-for-profit health systems. You can read more about them in the July and August 2018 issues of The Sunburst.

Board discussions may be on the following:
• Decide where to invest excess cash from operations and entrance deposits
• Budget for future Charlestown expenditures
• Deliberate with Erickson Living on what Erickson is planning for Charlestown
and arbitrate what is best for the community
• Recruit replacement board members, when necessary

The Board members do not publicly discuss what they are doing for the community, as their deliberations need to be confidential so that all viewpoints can be considered during the decision-making process. However, residents can review board meeting minutes.

Erickson Living is the management entity that the Board of Directors has contracted to handle Charlestown’s day-to-day business. Simply put, the pictures you see on the elevator each day are the Erickson Living Management Team and all other workers and staff are Charlestown employees hired by Erickson Living to assist the daily needs of the community.

Charlie Eichenlaub
Member, Resident Council Communications Committee

A New & Different Book about Life in Charlestown

85 Inspirational Acts of Kindness.

Father Larrivee’s Shoulder Length Hair.

Our “Two Time” Residents

Our 100 Year Old Underground Tunnel.

Plus More Little Known Facts About Charlestown.

The book sale has been very successful. As a result of your efforts, 350 booklets were sold the first 16 days of September.

Attend Maryland Senior Citizen Hall of Fame Awards Luncheon

Each year the Maryland Senior Citizens Hall of Fame chooses 50 outstanding volunteers from nominations received from across the state. This year we are pleased to announce the Charlestown residents that are being inducted into the Hall of Fame:

Otto J. Greul, Jr.
Ralph Strong

Thursday, October 25, 2018
Michaels’s Eighth Avenue, Glen Burnie, MD
11:00 AM Social Time & Cash Bar
12:00 PM Noon Luncheon
Musical Entertainment Provided

Residents wishing to attend the event to support the inductees should make reservations by contacting Kathleen Hart in the Volunteer Program Office no later than September 28.

MD Senior Citizen Hall of Fame