Continuing Care Visitation Status

Visitors are permitted on the following floors of Continuing Care without a reservation:

  • All of Caton Woods, except 4th floor
  • All floors of Wilton Overlook, except 3rd floor

To visit a restricted area, please schedule a Compassionate Care Visit. To make a visitation reservation, please visit: or call 443-297-3359.

The 2nd floor inside entry to Wilton Overlook, accessed through the Refectory or Caton Woods, is locked until further notice. All visitors  to Wilton Overlook must enter through the front outside doors on the ground floor. The 2nd floor entrance from the Refectory to Caton Woods is open.

Screening questions and temperature checks are required for all Continuing Care visitors. Visitors are required to wear a face mask at all times.

Charlestown Continuing Care Phase 2 Timeline

Building 6

Substantial completion end of June, 2017
Staff relocated by end of August, 2017

Phase 1

RGT building demo completed: Mid-April, 2017
Install temporary RG entrance completed: End of May, 2017
Construction : July 2017 through October, 2018
Licensing complete: End of December, 2018
Occupancy: End of January, 2019

Phase 2

RG South building demo completed: End of April, 2019
Construction: May, 2019 through June, 2020
Occupancy: End of September, 2020
Final sitework/landscaping: End of February, 2021

Dates are subject to change.