Last Updated on January 1, 2022

Unwanted medication needs to be disposed of properly. There are two ways to do so.
Image of drug prescription bottle
  1.   Baltimore County Prescription Drug Take Back offers a free drop box for your outdated or no longer used prescription drugs. It is located outside Precinct 1 Wilkens – 901 Walker Avenue across from the District Court Building and at the Wilkens Ave. entrance to the UMBC campus.
  2. The Charlestown CVS Pharmacy stocks a supply of special envelopes complete with prepaid postage and already addressed to a DEA approved collector who safely and securely collects and disposes of pharmaceuticals containing controlled substances and other medicines.  When a resident has outdated or unused prescription medicines (pills and/or capsules) to be disposed of, he/she can go to the Charlestown CVS Pharmacy and request a special mail-back envelope.   Medicines should be removed from the original containers before putting them in the envelope. The envelope containing those medicines should then be sealed and placed in the outgoing U.S. Mail. This convenient and environmentally friendly alternative disposal option is offered at no cost to residents or to Charlestown.