Last Updated on January 10, 2021

Here is how it works:
We residents live in a non-profit entity called Charlestown Community Inc.(CCI) and WE are Charlestown, but there is help in determining our present and our future.

We residents have an all-volunteer group of extraordinary professionals that are our Board of Directors who are charged with maintaining Charlestown’s financial well being and assuring the long term viability of the community. They watch over our interests today and for the future. They do not discuss with us, or anybody else, what they are doing for us because their deliberations need to be confidential so that all viewpoints are considered during the decision-making process on the following:

* Where to invest our Entrance Deposit money for growth
* Budget for future Charlestown expenditures
* Deliberate with Erickson Living on what Erickson is planning for Charlestown and arbitrate what is best for us.
* Recruit replacement board members when necessary.

Presently, Erickson Living is the Management entity that the Board of Directors has contracted to handle our day-to-day business. Simply put, the pictures you see on the elevator each day are the Erickson Living Management Team and all other workers and staff are Charlestown employees hired by Erickson Living to assist our daily needs.

You will find photos of the Board of Directors displayed as a poster on some of our campus elevators.

Charlie Eichenlaub
Member, Resident Council Communications Committee