A resident happy to show off her new emergency pendant shared her review of it.

The new pendant costs $105.00, which can be added to your bill. I bought it from Nancy Lyles, the dispatcher in the Security Office. The pendant is waterproof for shower use, but maybe not the pool. It vibrates when activated. There is a magnet with it that you can use to deactivate the pendant if pressed accidentally. A lot of people ask if it improves the locator. It does not. It uses the same system already established.

However, we have been told that new “repeaters or responders?” will be placed on campus that will zero in more closely to the whereabouts of the person. That will improve finding the resident and will work for all pendants, new or old (except the Continuing Care Pendants since these are a completely different system). Stay tuned for more information.

August 2018