4 women are sitting around a table.

“6 Dots,” says the first one.

“Flower,” says the next, putting down a colorful tile.

“Red Dragon,” the third woman says, adding another tile.

“1 Birdie Bam,” says the last one, putting down another tile.

And by now you’re thinking what ARE you talking about?
It’s Mahjong! Groups meet Mondays in the Chesapeake Lounge or Thursdays at the Black Swan. It’s a wonderful game, like nothing you’ve ever tried before! It’s played with tiles instead of cards. Each tile has an image. Craks, Bams, Dots, Dragons, Flowers. A winning hand takes 14 tiles. Each year the Mahjong League makes up a new card with the year’s hands. Tables are made up of 3 or 4 people.

Curious? Stop by and watch. Both groups meet at 12:30.

Want to learn how? Contact Myrna Retsky. See the club page