Last Updated on October 19, 2021

Continuing Care

When Transition May Be Best For You

The crossroad from Independent Living to Transition is very emotional. Family and friends need to remember that as residents, we chose Charlestown, in part, so that Continuing Care could be a destination when necessary, or as a permanent solution.

Prior to transition, resident services and our health care counselor will review the services available in your IL apartment versus the services available in Continuing Care. Ultimately, it is the resident’s choice. The Charlestown team is here to guide you and educate you on all the possible scenarios.

Once you have agreed to learn about Continuing Care:

There is a tour of Caton Woods and Wilton Overlook, where the Health Care Counselor would go more in-depth about everything Continuing Care has to offer. Marketing materials will be given to you, including pricing, floor plans, and a transition handbook. If you choose to reserve an available apartment, a nursing assessment will be set up where our assisted living managers visit you in your IL apartment. They will ask questions regarding your health and well-being to determine what level of care would be the best fit within our continuum of services. Then, a Primary Care Physician appointment will be scheduled to obtain the necessary paperwork to support the transition. Our Continuing Care Move-In Coordinator would work with you every step of the way to assist you in hiring movers, transferring TV and cable. Then they will address any questions and concerns about the transition process as you settle into your new home.

The Process May Be Speedy, Why?:

There is a 30-day time limit from the resident’s screening to the day of move-in. Our Health Care Counselor will work with you on a timeframe that you feel comfortable with and would wait to schedule your screen until an apartment is available, and you are ready to set up moving details.

When deciding to transition, you should contact Finance with any questions or concerns about Residence and Care Agreement and the Move-out coordinator regarding closing out the Independent Living apartment.

Consult the Transition To Continuing Care Handbook given to you for more details. The move-in coordinator will be your point of contact during this time.

Charles Eichenlaub
Residents’ Council Website Sub-committee

Cara Miranda
Health Care Counselor