Unitarian Universalists of Charlestown

Bonnie Kawecki, Leader
Carol Tilles, Co-Leader

The Unitarian Universalists of Charlestown meet monthly to connect residents who are UU and other residents who are interested in progressive religious thinking. Our monthly service is usually the 4th Sunday of the month at 1:30 pm in the Maple Terrace Music Room. All residents, friends and relatives are welcome. At the 1st Wednesday meeting, we plan services, small group discussions, educational events, and social get-togethers.

Schedule Times Location
1st Wednesday Meeting 2:30 PM – 4:00 PM Brookside Classroom 2
4th Sunday Service 1:30 PM – 2:30 PM Maple Terrace Music Room
Other events as noted by email, in our meetings, and in the monthly newsletter, see below


During the coronavirus threat this group is meeting via Zoom. If you are interested in participating, contact Bonnie Kawecki.
Unitarian Universalists of Charlestown, May 2018

About the UUs of Charlestown

Unitarian Universalists Of Charlestown

Who Are We?
We are a group of Charlestown residents who usually gather on the fourth Sunday of the month in the music room for a service. We invite a speaker to join who is usually a UU minister or seminarian, but not necessarily. We welcome anyone who is interested in our group or in exploring with us what it means to be part of a UU community.

Our Monthly Service
We organize a monthly service that is usually on the fourth Sunday of the month at 1:30 in the music room in Maple Terrace. We invite a speaker who usually has a connection to UU, but might come from a different background. In July we have had a lay led poetry service.

Our Planning Committee
A group of about 8 members of our group get together on the first Wednesday of the month at 3:00-4:00 in Brookside Classroom 2. This group plans for future activities of our fellowship.

Our UUC Dinners
We plan monthly dinners usually on the third Monday of the month. Reservations are due the second Friday of the month. Email or call Donna. See current newsletter for contact info.

If you would like more information about our fellowship, call anyone you find listed in this document. Soon we hope to publish a list of our friends.

Our Discussion Groups
Our women’s group provides an opportunity for the women of our fellowship to get together and talk about topics that interest them. We welcome others. We meet for an hour that includes a check in, a brief reading and some sharing on a topic chosen by the group. Call Jo for more information. 410-314-2482
Our second text based discussion group meets at 3:00 in Brookside classroom 2 on the second Wednesday of the month. Since UUs have many sources of inspiration, our discussions are wide ranging. Call Bonnie 443-833-3679 for information No experience or homework is necessary, just an interest in stretching your thinking about life.

Our Library
Do you want to know what is going on with UUs beyond Charlestown? Check out a copy of UUA World or read one of the introductory books we have. A sign up sheet is located near the library collection. If you have a UU book or a kind of book you would like us to get, tell Bonnie or Hope. Go to the UUA bookstore to explore.

Caring for One Another
Do you have time to visit someone? Sometimes our members are in continuing care, assisted living, in Dorsey or unable to attend our activities. They could really benefit from some visits. If you have time to visit someone and would like to know more details, call Bonnie 443-833-3679.

Tax deductible donations
You may write a check to First Unitarian. Write Charlestown UU on the memo line. You may also put cash into an envelope with your name on it. Call Bonnie if you any questions. 443-833-3679
A word about confidentiality: If you donate by check or cash in an envelope, only Bonnie, Hope and the First Unitarian treasurer will know your contribution. Bonnie keeps a paper record and Hope maintains a spreadsheet.

What is Unitarian Universalism?

What is Unitarian Universalism (UU)? You might have heard Unitarian Universalism described as a “new religion.” But this is misleading. Unitarians and Universalists merged into one faith in the 1960s, but Unitarian and Universalists have been around for much longer, tracing their roots at least as far back as the Protestant reformation of the 1500s. John Adams, John Quincy Adams, Louisa May Alcott, Susan B. Anthony, and Ralph Waldo Emerson were all Unitarians. P.T. Barnum, Clara Barton, and Horace Greeley were Universalists. Unitarians, Universalists, and UUs have played a significant role throughout our country’s history.

Perhaps the most wide-spread myth about Unitarian Universalism is that UUs can believe whatever they want. It’s true that UUs have no creed that we recite together; however, there are a few things that we all believe. We believe in welcoming and caring for all people, regardless of race, gender, class, who they love, or what they believe (so long as that belief doesn’t involve excluding or hurting other people). We believe that it’s not enough just to believe in love, compassion, and justice for all – that belief must be put into action. That’s why social justice is such a critical part of what we do. UUs have been in the front-lines in the fight for marriage equality, civil rights, environmental protection, and other important social issues.

So, what is Unitarian Universalism? The UUs of Charlestown invite anyone who is interested in this question to participate in a special workshop on this topic that will be offered on February 21 at 2:45, in Brookside 2. The discussion will be led by Rev. Dr. Diana Davies, an ordained Unitarian Universalist minister.