Charlestown – Sandtown Connection

Concerned residents gathered soon after the April 2015 unrest in Baltimore to see what, if anything, we could do. An initial meeting was held with Sandtown leaders and residents to explore ways we residents could listen, learn, and understand more about Sandtown. Subsequent interaction has shown there are needs for volunteers at New Song Learning Center and the urban “hoop” farm, as well as advocacy support. You are invited to be part of this Connection, Subcommittees are Education, Two Communities Coming Together, Advocacy and Housing, and Finance.

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Sandtown Forum

Close to 100 people attended the Sandtown Forum held at Charlestown January 12, 2016. Seven individuals from community organizations in the Sandtown-Winchester area of Baltimore City presented information.The Forum came about because of the interest and concern of some Charlestown residents who wanted to help the community after the Baltimore unrest. The participant list is offered for your information. Links to articles about the area and a map are at the bottom of the page. Read more

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