Last Updated on November 29, 2021



Sat., Dec. 4 Keeping the Faith (2000, PG13, 2hr, 8 min)
Watch the young Ed Norton in a comedy appropriate for Chanukah & Christmas
Fri., Dec 10 Continental Cinema
The Intouchables (2011), R, 1 hr, 52 min)
A wealthy Frenchman is injured in a paragliding accident and, as a result,,he is now paraplegic. He hires a young man from the projects as his caregiver. The relationship becomes touchingly warm & tender.
Sat., Dec. 11 Supernova (2020, R, 1 hr.35 min)
Brilliant actors Collin Firth & Stanley Tucci, in a moving tale. Two older lovers take a farewell trip in their dilapidated RV to visit old friends and places from their past, as one of the two has been diagnosed with dementia.
Sat., Dec. 18 Love Actually (2003 R,, 2 hr 15 min)

For your Christmas viewing pleasure a wonderful romantic comedy featuring a great cast. The ensemble interweaves multiple romantic relationships during a joyous holiday season. This is great fun.

Sat., Dec 25 No film today! Happy holidays! Check out the film library.