Resident Apartment Location Concierge Contact
Herbert’s Run & Brookside (410-737-8838, ext.601-8593) Cross Creek Front Desk
Chapel Court, Parkview, Harborview (410-737-8838, ext.601-8100) Charlestown Square Front Desk & Caton Ridge
St. Charles (410-737-8838, ext.601-8755) St. Charles Front Desk
Fountain Hill (1), Maple Terrace (2), New Carroll (4 & 5) (410-737-8838, ext.601-8320) Fountain Hill (1) Front Desk
Courtyard Crossing (7), Arborside (8), Front Desk Green Tree Court (9) & Edgewood (410-737-8838, ext.601-8355) Lobby 7 Front Desk

Call the front desk between 8:00 AM and 8:00 PM. to have items delivered within 48 hours.

Essential Items Available via Concierge

These are complimentary during the COVID-19 situation to tide you over until your groceries have been ordered and delivered.

Bar of soap
Toothpaste (travel size)
Tissues (travel pack)
Toilet Paper (single roll)
Laundry Pod
Dishwasher Pod
Instant Regular Coffee (Single Serve)
Instant Decaf Coffee (Single Serve)
Regular Tea Bag
Decaf Tea Bag
Distilled Water (Gallon)
Peanut Butter (individual serving)
Crackers (individual serving)

May Expanded List of Charlestown Grocery Store Items Available for Purchase and Delivery

Delivery will be within a 48-hour time-frame. The items are subject to change based on availability. The cost of these items will be charged to your monthly bill. Please reach out to your Concierge at your front desk to place your order. The May list has been expanded to include new items: body wash; Clorox cleaner; Special K cereal; turkey deli meat; mayo; ketchup; sugar; and Splenda.