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Charlestown’s 15th Annual Softball Tournament

On Wednesday, June 5, 2019, four of our Erickson communities met to play in the fifteenth annual softball tournament. The teams consisted of Charlestown, Greenspring, Riderwood and Oak Crest. Everyone enjoyed the fun and friendly competition of senior softball.

“The Charlestown Sluggers” maintained their record two years in a row by defeating Riderwood in the first game. Their skills shone through strong defensive plays and strong hits at bat. After patiently waiting for the next two games to be played, Charlestown faced Oak Crest once again in the championship game. They were unable to bring home the winning trophy, but their enthusiasm continued until the very last pitch.

Listed below are the results from the tournament:
• Charlestown defeated Riderwood with a score of 13 – 1.
• Oak Crest defeated Greenspring with a score of 18 – 3.
• Greenspring defeated Riderwood with a score of 10 – 5.
• Winner: Oak Crest defeated Charlestown with a score of 15 – 5

All of our Charlestown Sluggers were fearless and showed enormous enthusiasm and team spirit. Below are the team members from Charlestown who played in the game on June 5: Don Burgard, Lou Cuneo, Ron Deabreu, Ron Dempsey, Bill Fleming, Charles Fischbach, Jane Janssen, Skip Jenkins, Arthur Jones, Rick Jones (Maddog),Jim Mallon, Donna Martin, Bob Nitsch (Coach), Sue Schefle, and Lynn Stanko. A special thank you to head coach Bob Nitsch, first-base coach John Kasuda and third-base coach Marty Tewksbury.

The Sluggers will continue to practice three days per week and will becoming back even stronger next year!

~Teresa Reymann-Curran, Fitness Center Manager~

14th Annual Inter-Community Softball Tournament

Come and enjoy a fun day of softball with residents of Charlestown, Oak Crest, Greenspring, and Riderwood communities on:

Wednesday, June 5, 2019
9 AM – 2 PM
Charlestown Softball Field
Rain date: June 13, 2019

Players, spectators, and cheerleaders are welcome to attend and cheer on The Sluggers! Food, drinks, and music provided!

Resident 13th Annual Softball Game

Wednesday, June 6, 2018
9:00am – 2:00pm
Rain Date: June 13, 2018
Join us at Charlestown Softball Field

A fun day of softball with Residents of:

  • Charlestown
  • Greenspring
  • Oak Crest
  • Riderwood

Players, spectators, and cheerleaders are welcome to attend and cheer on The Sluggers! Food, drinks, and music provided.