Tennis Time Now—Is Your Time

For some of us, tennis was our first game.  It is still OUR GAME, as much when we are 90+ (ask Al Blackburn), or still in our ‘youth.’ Come join us! We play SUPER CAREFUL—SUPER SENIOR TENNIS ONLY, giving first priority to our own comfort level and safety. If you have any doubts, or unfulfilled dreams, give it a try!

The tennis group plays at CCBC (Community College of Baltimore County), beginning this year on Tuesday, May 7, 2019, weather permitting .We can help with transportation, as needed.

If interested, please call Jerry Martin or Gwen Hawes. Check the Resident Directory for contact information.


The fasted growing sport in the U.S., Pickleball started at Charlestown this past year. It is FUN and, like tennis, can be played at many different skill levels.

If interested, please call Nan Amann. Check the Resident Directory for contact information.