Black Swan Yacht Club

Established in 1993, the Black Swan Yacht Club (BSYC) was named in honor of the stray black swan that took up residency in Lake Charles. Club members sail and race 31-inch radio controlled model sailboats in the lake. The club has some boats on hand for residents wishing to give sailing a try. Come on board and enjoy the fun!

This social gathering promotes the sport of sailing and racing the 31’’ long “Victoria Class” sail boat on Lake Charles.


Black Swan Yacht Club

Black Swan Yacht Club table at Fruits of our Labors 2016


Mondays; May, June, September, October 10:00 AM Lake Charles

Black Swan Yacht Club Activities for 2019 Season

Beginning Monday, May 6, 2019, at 10 AM, the Black Swan Yacht Club (BSYC) will begin its spring boating season at Lake Charles. The opening day’s activity will consist of a brief explanation of how radio-controlled boats are operated and a demonstration of how the boats are sailed on the lake, as well as the course layout. All residents, staff, and friends are invited to attend the ceremony. This will also be an opportunity for anyone wishing to try his or her hand at sailing. Shuttle transportation will be provided to Lake Charles.

Races will be held every Monday morning at 10 AM throughout May and June.

For more information, call John Ogaitis. See Resident Directory for contact information.

Black Swan Yacht Club Invites You to a Demonstration on April 18

Radio Controlled (R/C) Sailboat Demonstration

For your entertainment, Charlestown residents are invited to a demonstration of radio controlled model sailboats.

Thursday, April 18, 2019
10 AM – Noon
 Charlestown Square Aquatics Center Pool

R/C sailboats are model sailboats, 24 inches to 30 inches in length, controlled by a handheld transmitter. These sailboats are operated by members of the Black Swan Yacht Club who race their sailboats every Monday in April, May, August and September at Lake Charles.

For more information, contact John Ogaitis. Check the Resident Directory for contact information.