Last Updated on December 11, 2020

Who do you recommend be recognized?

This spring the Harmonious Community Living Committee affiliated with the Resident Council Resident Life Committee initiated a Mission Moments Program featuring residents who live their lives demonstrating the “Residents and the Erickson Way” values. We are asking every resident to become cognizant of these special people and to submit their name and a brief summary of how they stand out as a role model for Harmonious Community Living. Submissions should be directed to Phyllis Lansing. Monthly the committee will feature in upcoming Sunburst articles the Mission Moment Resident. Who do you recommend be recognized?

The Harmonious Living Committee focuses on behaviors that will enhance Harmonious Community Living by living “The Erickson Way”. Using “The Erickson Way” residents live values cultivating positive personal relationships. How we engage with residents and staff is critical to the success of Harmonious Community Living.

In January 2018 Pat Kasuda and Judi Welsh presented an ELLIC class, “Walk the Talk,” to explain how together residents can make a positive difference in the lives of others. This interactive class featured “The Erickson Way Living Values” and addressed how some of the challenges in community living can become opportunities to change negative behaviors into positive building relationships.

Remember “The Erickson Way” is built on respect and caring, diversity, friendliness and enthusiasm, integrity, responsibility, excellence, and teamwork. These values serve as our guiding principles and should reflect in all that we do.

Please use this form to submit the name of a resident you wish to see recognized.

Resident Mission Moment Form