Relocating is always a hassle; leaving the house you’ve called home can be painful. Maybe it would be nice just to have one of your neighbors stop by and say “Hello.”? Answer a few questions, and, better yet, answer some questions they know from experience you haven’t even thought of yet?

Friendly Visitors was formed more than 10 years ago by long time and current Charlestown resident Dottie Sullivan. Her ideas and spirit remained as the group’s guiding light until turning over leadership a few years ago to current co-chairs Claire Walter and Ellie DiPietro. Their team has “captains” and 4-5 “visitors” in nearly every Charlestown residential building. Erickson marketing alerts them to new incoming resident, and a visitor is assigned to try to show up and at least say “Hello” and “Welcome”. That’s all there is time for on “move-in” day, but a follow up meeting a few days later allows the visitor to go through a prepared format of information, advice, and suggestions on just how to deal with all of the confusion of being new in the neighborhood.

And, something new is coming. Ellie DePietro has asked herself the question: “But what about a week or two later when you’re still a stranger and no one is knocking on your door?” Ellie sees a need for a new group called “Friendly Neighbors” whose members can serve as a short term temporary point of contact to a new resident who is starting to have questions about day to day living here at Charlestown.

Friendly Visitors is the very definition of a service organization. If you can empathize with the uncertainty of being a stranger in town or just plain like being a helping hand and friendly voice then this group would welcome your participation.

Contact information for Claire Walter or Ellie DiPietro is in your Residents Directory.

 Claire Walter and Ellie DiPietro at Fruits of Our Labor 2017

Claire Walter and Ellie DiPietro at Fruits of Our Labor 2017