Last Updated on October 7, 2021

Continuing Care is now open for IL resident volunteers and WE NEED YOU!! There are many ways to volunteer in CC. Here are a few ideas:

*Lead a group making Rosaries (or be an assistant during  the class)
*Knitting/crocheting activity leader/assistants
*Presentation speaker: share your knowledge of history, travel, or whatever topics you are knowledgeable about
*Wheel Chair Escort support to various events
*Quilting Group leaders and assistants
*Musicians: pianist, strings or vocalists
*Woodwork craft group leaders and assistants
*Monthly, weekly or one time craft activity
*Join our “Herbs Heroes” activity cart team
*Ceramics Group helpers
*Have a pet that has a gentle demeanor? They can possibly become pet volunteers.

For more information contact Stephanie Knowles, Volunteer  Program Coordinator at 601-8133