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Scholars' Program

Thank you Charlestown residents! With your generous donations, we had an excellent 2020 Scholars’ Campaign. We are excited to share the total count for the campaign during our Virtual Scholars’ Ceremony scheduled to air on Saturday, June 6, and Sunday, June 7 at 6:30 p.m. to celebrate the success of our scholars and our campaign. The ceremony will last about an hour. See VIRTUAL SCHOLARS’ CEREMONY PROGRAM GUIDE

As you know, this program allows us to offer academic financial assistance to our eligible student-employees at Charlestown, both traditional and non-traditional. This class of scholars will join the current 116 Charlestown Scholars, including some who graduated this spring. We celebrate and recognize our 2020 Scholar class by awarding 31 new scholarships. Twenty-three student scholars will receive $2,000 per year for up to four years, sent to their college or university to offset their academic tuition expenses. Eight staff adult-learners will receive $2,000 for one year, sent to their respective institutions. Along with the Charlestown scholarship, the Scholar candidates had an opportunity to apply for additional merit-based Named Scholarships. The winners of these awards will be announced during our virtual Scholars’ Ceremony, so be sure to tune in for the airing on CTN 972 several times during the week following, to ensure everyone has an opportunity to enjoy the event.

We thank those residents who donated to the 32nd Annual Scholar Campaign, which included a generous realized planned gift. Without your support, we would not be able to offer this opportunity to the student-employees who work so hard for all of us. This scholarship makes the difference for some students to afford to go to college, allowing them to continue their education. We also applaud Erickson Living and the Jim Davis Family Foundation for their continuous support of the Scholars’ program with a generous $5,000 contribution this year. If you did not have an opportunity to donate, but would like to, donations for the Scholar Program can be made year-round in the Philanthropy Department.

A special note of appreciation to my fellow 2020 Scholars’ Committee members:  Norma Goldberg, Roland Gray, Mel Milio, Marie Skane, Jackie Graham, Ed DeLong, Eugenia High, Mimi O’Donnell, and the Philanthropy Department team of Patti Santoni, Lisa Zehring, and Emily Fowler.

Charlie Eichenlaub, Chair, Scholars’ Committee