Last Updated on October 30, 2018

Launching Struggling Young Adults from Failure to Success
Tuesday, November 13, 2018
7:00 P.M. In the Auditorium

How do we help young adults, ages 18 to 25 years, who have had multiple failures in several settings, such as higher education, vocational training, employment and relationships? Parenting can be an arduous task as these individuals try to meet the challenges of finding a clear identity, separating from family, and developing a sense of intrinsic motivation.

The speaker is Dr. Rick Silver, is a psychiatrist and director of the Thrive Center for ADHO and Comprehensive Mental Health Care in Columbia, MD. which provides programs for struggling young adults and their families. Dr. Silver has an undergraduate degree from University of Michigan, a master’s degree in public health from the Johns Hopkins School of Public Health and his medical and psychiatric training at the University of Maryland School of Medicine.

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