Last Updated on May 19, 2022

My niece, Julie, and I treated ourselves to a private shopping “party” at the Ladies’ Boutique last week when she drove up from Alexandria for a visit. And we found some wonderful treats during our Auntie/Niece shopping spree. Shop Co-Captain Peggy Romenesco took excellent care of us, staying out of our way when we just wanted to browse, but being right there to bring out the goods when we expressed an interest in something special.

Three of the numerous beautiful scarves that have come through the door over the past couple of weeks were silk (one hand-screened in Lyon, France), and three were from the Wearable Art by Bob Mackie for QVC collection. Julie loved the big, beautiful “Broadway Melody” with its black background and colorful showgirls, and took it home with her! Auntie favored the long brown and gold patterned beauty with a whimsical giraffe’s head on either end, but left it in the shop for someone else to love and enjoy. Also currently in the shop is a brand-new, never-worn 100% merino hand-beaded wrap purchased from its maker on the Amalfi Coast. This beauty will perk up your cruise-wear wardrobe and invite lots of compliments for an unbelievable price.

Julie is a collector of purses, and was beside herself when she found a gorgeous vintage brown “croc embossed” Brahmin handbag. Brahmin bags (brahmin handbags – Bing – Shopping) generally start at $145.00 and up … and up. But Julie paid less than half that price. We also ferreted out a very smart looking Kate Spade bag kate spade purses – Bing images for my great-niece, Lydia, for a very, very nice price. (These little gems start at around $129.00, or $89.00 at Outlet stores.) The shop also had a sweet little rainbow-colored Kate Spade handbag that I think I may go back and buy for my granddaughter … it’s perfect for a mature 10-year-old with excellent taste … and so is the price. These beauties were just the start of the shop’s current beauutiful collection of designer bags … Michael Kors and Coach, as well as the Brahmins and Kate Spades … and Vera Bradley lovers will find a good selection of her colorful bags in stock.

Thanks to our generous Charlestown friends and neighbors the boutique now has a fabulous collection of springtime tops and jackets, and is sending shoppers out the door with complete outfits perfect for springtime concerts, parties, luncheons and wedding for a fraction of what they would pay at the Mall. Many of these ensembles are created for their wearers by Ms. Romenesco, who has an uncanny ability to “read” her customer and somehow find exactly what they want from the shelves and racks of our own Charlestown Shopping Mecca!

Come on in and buy yourself a treat, or let us help you choose something for an uncoming event. And if you’ve recently cleaned out your closet and find you have more warm weather clothes than you can wear in a season, choose some pretty things to bring in and donate when you come!

Charlestown’s Ladies’ Boutique, on the Terrace Level of Herbert’s Run, is open every Tuesday from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. (We will be closed on May 3 and 10th, due to the Nay 5, 6 and 7 Treasure Sale.) You never know what you might find, and the prices are phenomenal. Watch this column and MyErickson Daily Happenings for notices of special boutique events and services — and come see us in 2022!!

Dayle Dawes