Last Updated on May 30, 2022

Charlestown Pet Group
Meeting Minutes 5-24-22

The meeting was opened at 11:05 am by David Elder, Chair. 23 members were in attendance. The April meeting minutes were approved as emailed.

Old Business
Meeting business was postponed because we had two special guest speakers from the Maryland SPCA, Ms. Katie Florie and Ms. Melisa Welsh. Katie said their goal is to keep pets in a home rather than in a shelter. They have many pets in foster homes awaiting adoption and need more foster homes. They have an adoption program and do many adoptions online. 15,000 animals were helped with food during the pandemic. Their Kibble Connection program collects pet food to deliver with Meals On Wheels for shut ins with pets. They have a Paws Plus clinic program to provide fifty pets per clinic with free vaccines. Katie advised everyone to develop a plan for who will take care of the pet if the owner is away, sick, or should die and who will dispose of the pet if the pet should die. She suggested training a pet using positive reinforcement such as treats and never a shock collar.

A question was asked if ASPCA is the same as SPCA. Katie said ASPCA is in New York City, and any contributions to them stay in New York. There are many shelters in Maryland. Those near us are Maryland SPCA, BARCS, Small Miracles, Baltimore Humane Society, and several more. The question was asked about no kill shelters. She said a no kill shelter means 89 to 90% are saved. At the Maryland SPCA only 5% are euthanized because they are so sick or are too aggressive to be adopted.

Many who attended the meeting brought donations with them, and there were four large flatbed carts full of donations from the locker that filled 2 SUVs. She thanked everyone for their donations and said they use over three hundred towels a day. They would love to have any pet related items. They can also use any towels, blankets, and comforters but no sheets or pillowcases.

New Business
Doctor Pam Nesbit of the Catonsville Cat Clinic will be here next on 6/17. To make an appointment call her office at 410-869-0800.

Paradise Animal Hospital will be here to care for dogs and other pets on 7/21. Call the office to make an appointment at 410-744-4224.

There are 112 cats, sixty-six dogs, 3 birds, a rabbit, and a lizard in the pet group. But there is no way to know when a resident gets a new pet or loses one unless they let us know.
The meeting was closed at 11:40 AM.

THE NEXT MEETING IS June 28th, 2022, always on the 4th Tuesday at 11AM in Brookside Classroom 2.