Last Updated on June 23, 2023

Pets at Charlestown

Check out Pet Owner Guidelines on My Erickson.  

Go to MyErickson, select Resident Resources and then Resident Handbook. The Pet Owner Guidelines are on page 14 and Appendix E.  Login to My Erickson with Your Username and Password here:

Check out the Pet Group at Charlestown

The Pet Group

Join this group dedicated to responsible pet ownership and resident support.

This list includes Charlestown residents who will help with pet needs from feeding cats to walking dogs, as well as external local services

Residents are welcome to bring their pet when moving into Charlestown. Receptacles and bags for dog waste may be provided. Please respect your home and the community when walking your pet outside.
Please be aware of the following guidelines:

• Pets MUST be on a leash at all times once you leave your apartment
• Indoor walking of pets is not allowed in the hallways or Clubhouse; however, pets are allowed in the hallway so long as the owner is taking the most direct route to the nearest exit.
• Please bring a pooper-scooper and/or plastic bag for immediate cleanup of pet waste. (Please dispose properly.)
• Please avoid high traffic areas.
• Pets are not permitted to sit on the community furniture.
• Pets are not allowed in the Fitness Center, Restaurants, Hair Salon, Market, Offices or Bank.
• There are exceptions to the above guidelines for service animals.
• All pets must be registered with the Resident Life (aka Resident Services) Department. Upon registration, pet owners will receive a more detailed policy.

For more information regarding Charlestown’s pet policy, please see Appendix E and contact Resident Services.