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Getting Things Done

Where to Begin

Start by calling the appropriate department, such as Dining Services, Medical Center, General Services, or Security. Be sure to leave your name, Apartment Number, and Phone Number.

Phone numbers are listed in the Resident Telephone Directory and the Resident HandbookGeneral Services has their own Customer Service phone number, and it has a dedicated email for Work Order Requests.

Erickson Management is stressing the need to return, or at least acknowledge calls within 24 hours. Delays before an answer are often inevitable due to managers having to gather data. No call can be returned if caller doesn’t leave Name, Apartment Number, Phone Number. Here is a list of the current Charlestown Administration Team.

If your issue remains unresolved, a Council Communication Form [CCF] should be completed to bring the issue to the attention of the Residents’ Council. The forms are handled by the current Vice President. 

An independent Board of Directors governs Charlestown on behalf of the best interests of the residents.

Recurring Opportunities for Voicing Concerns

Resident’s Council Meeting First Tuesday of every month at 7:00 PM Auditorium Observe monthly Residents’ Council meeting.  Each Council committee chair reports on the month’s activities of his/her committee. There is a management report before the meeting adjourns as well as an Open Forum for residents to ask questions or give comments after the meeting adjourns. This information is fully explained under Residents’ Council in the Resident Handbook on page 13 (2019 edition).
Council Chats Next: 4-5:30 PM – To Be Scheduled Shortline, Terrace Cafe, Refectory and Fireside Restaurants Meet with one or two Council members at a small table with a few chairs. This is for individual residents  to bring up concerns or clarify any subject within the Charlestown community.
Council Committees See schedules on resident website and bulletin board listings See locations on resident website and bulletin board listings Thirteen various committees are available for participation by all residents to attend.
Resident Town Hall Meeting Periodic Erickson Conference Center (beneath the Chesapeake Restaurant) Listen to a formal presentation by the Executive team reporting new projects,  updates, and areas of concern that require future action.  A question and answer period follows the presentation.
Conversations with Clara Monthly Various Locations Meet with the Executive Director of Charlestown and her executive team in an informal setting where topics of concern are discussed with residents and questions may be presented.
Dining Services Town Hall Last Friday of the month at 11 AM Auditorium Learn what is happening with Dining Services.
Coffee with the Dining Managers Monthly Each Dining Room Join the dining room managers to learn about what’s happening in specific dining rooms and to talk about what’s happening in your dining room as well as talk about your issues and concerns with dining and meal planning.
Dining Menu Focus Groups Quarterly, upon announcement Each Dining Room It is an informal setting designed to allow residents to voice their comments and suggestions for the upcoming seasonal new menus.
Dietary Focus Group First Friday of each month at 10:00 AM (except for December) Brookside Classroom 2 Resident run, this is for those with dietary allergies, intolerance and/or medication issues. Not for personal consultations.
General Services Town Hall Monthly, upon announcement Auditorium Listen to a formal presentation by the General Services team reporting new projects,  updates, and areas of concern that require future action.  A question and answer period follows the presentation.
Security and EMS Services Open Forum Quarterly, upon announcement Various Locations Meet with the Director of Security Services and EMS staff for “Coffee Breaks with Residents” where topics of concern are discussed between the Security and Emergency Services Manager and residents.
Embrace Wellness Monthly, upon announcement Various Locations Topics explored to enhance health and mental awareness and the Seven Dimensions of Wellness.