Getting Things Done

Who’s Who in Charlestown Administration

Where to Begin

  • Start by calling the appropriate department, such as Dining Services, Medical Center, Security. Phone numbers are in the Resident Telephone Directory and the Resident Handbook.
  • General Services has their own Customer Service number: 443-29SERVE = 443-297-3783
    • Choose the appropriate option for your service problem (e.g. maintenance, housekeeping, transportation, etc.) or stay on the line for assistance.
      • NOTE: This is the preferred number for Maintenance Department issues.
    • If the window of time for repairs/problem solution expires, please call this number again to alert them and give them a second chance to assist you.
  • General Services work orders can also be scheduled through email by using
    • Email requests are checked during regular office hours, Monday – Friday, 8:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m.
  • After hours, on holidays and on weekends, only emergencies will be addressed by contacting Security at 410-737-8806
  • If your issue remains unresolved, a Council Communication Form [CCF] should be completed.
    • This is available online and in the Council Binder at all lobby desks.
    • The CCF will be referred to the appropriate Resident Council committee or committees.
      • You will receive a written response.

Recurring Opportunities for Voicing Concerns

  • Resident’s Council Meeting: First Tuesday of every month in the Auditorium at 7:30 PM, open to all residents to observe.  This information is fully explained under Residents’ Council in the Resident Handbook on page 19 (March 2016 edition). There is a management report before the meeting adjourns as well as a 15-minutes Open Forum for residents to ask questions or give comments after the meeting adjourns.
  • Council Chats:  Periodic, in designated areas with one or two Council members at a small table with a few chairs for individual residents to bring up concerns or wanting clarification on any subject within the Charlestown community.
  • Resident Town Hall Meeting:  Periodic, in the Conference Center (beneath the Chesapeake Restaurant); a more formal presentation by the Executive Team reporting new projects and updates on continuing ones, along with existing or perceived problems among us.  A question and answer period follow the presentation.
  • Conversations with Clara (and Executive Team):  Monthly, at a designated public space; it is an informal setting where topics are discussed between residents and Clara’s team and questions may be presented.
  • Dining Services Town Hall: Last Friday of the month in the Auditorium at 11 AM and 2 PM, to report on what is happening with Dining Services.
  • Coffee with the Dining Managers: Monthly, at each dining room. Join the dining room managers once a month to learn about what’s happening in your dining room as well as talk about your issues and concerns.
  • General Services Town Hall: Periodic, as announced, in the Auditorium.
  • Coffee with Security and EMS Services: Quarterly, as announced.