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Dining Services

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Director of Dining Services

image of Aida Blanco

Aida Blanco
Director of Dining Services
410-737-8838 x8205

Director of Dining Services oversees the various activities of the Department, some of which are listed above.

Menu Focus Groups

Dining Services Information Let Your Voice Be Heard... Atrium The Black Swan Tuesday, Nov. 13th 2:30 PM Chesapeake/Shortline Chesapeake Dining Room Tuesday, Nov. 13th 2:30 PM Continuing Care Caton Woods Meeting Hall, T Level Tuesday, Nov. 13th 2:30 PM...

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Welcome Chef Kevin Jones to the Atrium

Help us give a warm welcome to Kevin Jones who is joining our dining services team as the executive chef for the Atrium. Chef Jones has over 30 years’ experience in dining services with 23 of those years working as an executive chef. He has worked for Mac Gregor’s...

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